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RLSOLUTION FOR MAINTENANCE OF STREETS AND HIGHWAYS BY <br />MUNICIPALITY UNDER THE ILLINOIS NIGNWAY CODE <br />RESOLUTION NO. 17-88 <br />RZ 1TR OLV=by the PRESIDENT AND RnAPT) OF TPt1gTRF..0 .f the <br />em" a 7eeee me sera d newre <br />VILLAGE .d ELK GROVE VIi,LAGF -IMinalsr that then is hereby <br />JM tae w veer 400001 <br />t@d the sem at S 510, 6 6 6.0 0 d No>or Fuel Thx funds fa the purpose of maintaining <br />etrs.b and highwas ander the appfie sbia pravldoos at the IItfineda Highway Cada. from January 1.1988 <br />iD Deosmber 3L 1L 8 <br />BYE IT FUB7MM RFSOLVED, that omb those guests, highways, and operations as Hated and dit=G)ed <br />as the approved X=dch al IsBdm&te ed Yahrimance Casts. faeludfag aapplamantal ar revised estimates W <br />peovs3 to eomaecdm wfth tbia nsobition, an *UgO" for•malataoaacs with 3fotw ros1 T`u funic daring the <br />period as specified above <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Clerk shall, as soon as practicable after the close of the period <br />as given above, submit to the Department of Transportation, on forms furnished by said Department, a certified <br />statement showing expenditures from and balances remaining in the account(s) for this period; and <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Clerk shall immediately transmit two certified copies of this <br />resolution to the district office of the Department of Transportation, at SCHAUMBURG , Minois. <br />1L.— <br />Devann,ent d Trenepertatlen <br />Deerex Engwow <br />;ltls Patricia S. Smith Village <br />MOL ems. I= a fowl <br />Cork 1t and tw .rte Village <br />all, fee a VEIN <br />d Alk Grnvo V{ll�gc a t 1 Cnnk f. Dr. P g1 <br />hereby out* do loeeaela( to be a trw - F ' and earpbb <br />"ffv(a redatlaa doleed br tm President & Bd, of Sruste <br />le=ad a /elan r Dene f 2NWW <br />a • >[ rt February 23, ra 88 <br />IN TWnRONT WMMWIF, I bsfe bramte get q lead <br />and nal we 25th Lr o February <br />, <br />FS.;r7:i:� <br />(AXAL) Patricia S. Smith <br />Village cl„k <br />lens 7e03 IN fere <br />BLR 4123 (Rev. 3-84) <br />