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�0 7- S- <br /> RESOLUTION CANVASSING THE RESULTS <br /> OF A SPECIAL, ELECTION HELD ON <br /> JULY 18, 1959, FOR VOTING "FOR" OR <br /> "AGAINST" A ., 10 PER CENT TAX FOR A <br /> FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY, AND ELECTING <br /> SIX (6) LIBRARY DIRECTORS, DECLARING <br /> THE RESULTS AND FINDING FACTS AS <br /> TO NOTICE AND BALLOT, <br /> eeeee * ese � eeeee <br /> WHEREAS, the President and Board of Trustees of the Village <br /> of Elk Grove Village, Cook County, Illiaois, did on the 25th day of May,. <br /> 1959, pursuant to petition of more than fifty (50) legal voters filed with <br /> the Village Clerk, adopt an ordinance to submit to the voters thereof to <br /> be held at the special election to be held on July 18, 1959, in said Village <br /> to vote upon the following proposition: <br /> For a . 10 per centtax for a free public library <br /> Against a . 10 per cent tax for a free public library <br /> and, to elect six (6) library directors, two to serve until 1961, two to <br /> serve until 1963, and two to serve until 1965; and <br /> WHEREAS, pursuant to said petition and ordinance and the <br /> statute in such case made and provided, the Village Clerk caused notices <br /> of said election to be published not less than fifteen (15) nor more than <br /> thirty (30) days before the date of said special election in the Elk Grove <br /> Herald, a newspaper having a ,general circulation in the Village of Elk <br /> Grove Village, (there being no newspaper printed or published in said <br /> Village) copy of which said notices and publisher's certificate of pub- <br /> lishing same has been presented to and filed with this Board and is in <br /> words and figures as follows, to-wit: <br />