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INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL REVITALIZATION COMMISSION <br /> ELK GROVE VILLAGE BUSINESS PARK <br /> MEETING MINUTES <br /> OCTOBER 5, 2006 <br /> CHERNICK CONFERENCE ROOM <br /> Present: Trustee Sam Lissner <br /> Trustee Jim Petri <br /> Giovanni Gullo <br /> Bob Kleckauskas <br /> Frank Lateano <br /> Tom Porte <br /> Alex Prochno <br /> Ed Ruszkowski <br /> Staff, Vito Sammarco, Asst. Director Community Revitalization <br /> Absent: Ron Behm <br /> Jack Connelly <br /> Tom Farrell <br /> Scott Golbeck <br /> George Johnson <br /> A presentation was made to the Commission regarding the availability of <br /> intemet services within the Business Park. Mr. Mitch Ferris of DataFlo discussed the <br /> available internet services that business owners may utilize. DataFlo provides intemet <br /> services that meet or exceed the capabilities of a T1 line. The cost of the service is <br /> comparable to the business rates of DSL service. <br /> The Mayor updated the Commission on the 2006 Alexian Brothers Tour of <br /> Elk Grove and outlined proposals for the 2007 event. The Commission viewed a Power <br /> Point presentation of the race highlights and a video of the Elk Grove Village Business <br /> Park commercial that aired during the race broadcast. The race has become <br /> recognized as a premier world-class cycling event within the United States. The race <br /> provided local, regional and international exposure for Elk Grove Village, and was <br /> enjoyed by thousands of residents and business representatives. Planning is underway <br /> for the 2007 event. Alexian Brothers have pledged increased funding support for the <br /> race, a grant has been requested from the Illinois Tourist Bureau, and additional <br /> corporate sponsors are signing on. The Mayor requested the Commission's <br /> consideration of providing additional funding for the Tour of Elk Grove as a contingency <br /> plan in the event State funding is less than anticipated or sponsorship goals are not <br /> met. While it is very unlikely that this will happen, the Village must plan for the worst <br /> case scenario. The Commission approved the request to use ICRC funds as a <br /> contingency plan. <br />