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ORDINANCE NO. 1065 <br />AN ORDINANCE CREATING THE POSITION OF DEPUTY <br />FIRE CHIEF AND MODIFYING CHAPTER VI OF THE <br />MUNICIPAL CODE <br />WHEREAS, the Village of Elk Grove Village is a "home rule" <br />municipality as defined by the 1970 Illinois Constitution; and <br />WHEREAS, the Village of Elk Grove Village desires to use <br />its powers as a "home rule" municipality by creating the position <br />of Deputy Fire Chief hereunder. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the President and Board <br />of Trustees of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Cook and DuPage <br />Counties, Illinois, as follows: <br />Section 1: That Section 6.101 of the Municipal Code be <br />amended by inserting between"One (1) Fire Chief and Four (4) <br />Captains - 3 active, 1 inactive- (fire chief)" the following: <br />One (1) Deputy Fire Chief <br />Section 2: That Section 6.102 be amended by adding thereto <br />the following: <br />The Deputy Fire Chief shall be appointed by the Village <br />President with the advice and consent of the Board of <br />Trustees and shall have such duties as the Fire Chief in <br />his absence and such other duties as may be assigned him <br />by the Fire Chief. The Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief <br />shall serve for such term as determined necessary by the <br />Village President and Board of Trustees. <br />Section 3: Section 6.121 of the Municipal Code shall be <br />amended by adding as follows: <br />Section 6.121 Absence or Inability of Fire Chief.) During <br />the absence or inability of the Fire Chief, the Deputy Fire <br />Chief shall act in his stead. In the absence of both, the <br />next senior officer or member of the Department as may <br />be designated in writing by the Fire Chief or Deputy Fire <br />Chief shall perform the duties of the Fire Chief. <br />Section 4: This ordinance shall be in full force and effect <br />from and after its passage and approval according to law. <br />PASSED this 25th <br />APPROVED this 25th <br />ATTEST: <br />Eleanor G. Turner <br />VILLAGE CLERK <br />day <br />of <br />May <br />1976. <br />day <br />of <br />May <br />1976. <br />Charles J. Zettek <br />VILLAGE PRESIDENT <br />