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ORDINANCE NO. ]Ogg <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING SECTION 6.101 OF THE MUNICIPAL CODE <br />OF ELK GROVE VILLAGE AND AUTHORIZING THE NUMBER OF FULL TIME PERSONNEL <br />IN THE ELK GROVE VILLAGE FIRE DEPARTMENT <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by .the Pne6-ident and Boated o6 Thus.tees o6 .the <br />V.i tage o6 EZk Gnove Vittage, Counti.e6 o6 Coote and DuPage, <br />Section 1. That Section 6.101, as amended, o6 .the Mun,icipat Code o6 .the <br />V.iPtage o6 EZk Gnove Vil age be and is hereby 6uhthen amended to read as <br />6o.ttow6 : <br />6.101 Establishment. There .is hereby cAeated and e6tabfi.6hed a Depaht- <br />ment o6 .the Municiipa.t Government o6 .the V.ittage o6 EZk Gnove Vittr:ge which <br /> be known as the Fite Department. Said Depahtment shatt con6i'st 06 <br />the 6o,ttowing butt -.time personnet, and such otheA peu onnet o6 may be <br />pnov.ided 6nam time to time by the Pne6.ident and Boa&d o6 Tnustee6. <br />One (1) Fite Chie6 <br />One (1) Deputy Chie6 <br />Five (5) Captain6 <br />(Two Inactive) <br />Twetve (12) Lieutenant6 <br />One (1) Fie Eng.ineen <br />F.i6ty-One (51) FiAe6.Lghters <br />Section 2. This Ordinance be .in butt 6once and e66eet 6nam and a6te)L <br />$t6 passage and appnovat according to taw. <br />PASSED thio 28th day o6 September 1976.. <br />APPROVED this 28th day 06 September 1976. <br />AYES: 5 NAPES: 0 ABSENT: 1 <br />ATTEST: <br />V.i tea. CZenk <br />