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ORDINANCE NO. <br />AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR SPECIFICATIONS FOR RE -SURFACING <br />OF AN EXISTING CONCRETE DRIVEWAY APRON WITH ASPHALT <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the President and Board of Trustees <br />of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of Cook and DuPage, Illinois, <br />as follows: <br />Section 1: That Section 11.204 specifications of Article II Driveways <br />of Chapter 11 of the Municipal Code of the Village of Elk Grove Village, <br />be and the same and is hereby amended by adding thereto the following para- <br />graph: <br />D. Specifications for Re -surfacing of Existing Concrete Driveway <br />Apron with Asphalt <br />1. All voids in the concrete apron must be filled with concrete <br />or asphalt. <br />2. The existing apron must be cleaned of all dust, dirt and <br />foreign material prior to resurfacing. <br />3. A RC -70 or RT -6 bituminous prime coat must be applied to <br />the existing concrete apron at a rate of 0.10 gallons per <br />square yard. <br />4. A minimum one -inch thick asphalt mat is to be constructed <br />over the previously prepared concrete base. The material <br />used must be asphalt surface course class I-11. <br />5. The asphalt is to be tapered at all sides to meet the exist- <br />ing grade. <br />6. The asphalt is to be compacted to within 95 -percent of optimum. <br />7. No asphalt is to be placed on or over the portion of the apron <br />used as a public sidewalk. <br />