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Ordmalvr C NO" _ <br />AN Oiilik'1'';LNC"s c:oea:.--ug a .Ph'i <br />Cornmissioax in and for ti -4e 'fil'1a.l;a <br />of Elk Grose `pillage, Cook Co.aaty, <br />Illinois. <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE PRESMENT A.`*'fD 3C)A.F;,), Of' 7R S7 EES <br />OF THE VILI A.GE Or, EL -,,C C`ROVE V11.,11,1GE,; C "orG C:ov vrI' ) L AN 3IS,' <br />SECTION 10 -- PURPOSEo In order that ;:,Iequate p c,rvi,jaonp' be made <br />for the preparation of a. comprrhensive Vilmge plan for the t!uidmce, dsecti:t <br />and control of the growth and developmant tiff the Village of €Flk {:hove Village: <br />a Plan Comanissioasp which shaU be a d,3pavtment of the Vi,,;age tlavernraent, <br />hereby created pursuant to wn aFt entitled "The Rr,vised CD3Ics find 11111.ges <br />Act" approved August 15, 1941 and eVective January 1, 115'1- <br />SECTION <br />1;4 - <br />SECTION 2, --MEMBERSHIP, Said plan e:;smasa ssicm;. stall cwuist. of <br />four (4) members to include the followttg: Tial Preside:at c€ the: Baaard, c f <br />Trustees who is also the president of the board of lox al irr) oF+E, s:rterts shall lu <br />a member ex -officio of aaLd plan aTommiscioan„ with pope*er to von e:. and three <br />(3) other rrscmbers, eitizeas of said 5iilaa€te appointee; ty t?!- Pr rsidc a+t on the <br />basis of thea particular f;.%nea,3 for thea. -.tuty on cat.a }dant �onvnissicn. and <br />subject to the approval of ,.he. Board of Trzmtees,. <br />SEC'T'ION 3.,-•-'F'EiUA OF 01'FMIE, Tho rs.=:-m5prsn t= ;-ofAcfo sh-11 sea-, <br />for the term of iris elect,i-.,e office, Os the threes (:S; citizen ,nern'Ye.-F,, ate (1) <br />shall be appointed Chair -:nu for a terar o`.' :our ('d) years; a,n S ..) 31a;311'ae <br />appointed for a term of two (2) yearE scarf cru. (1) sBWl. be �, qmp ,acted 4cr a terr' <br />of four (4) years., Thereae':t+er such citi:;er. rr„e•mbe.s-S xh all t e,. a f wain, ed :br <br />terms of four (4) year,, Yacancies sla,l bo filloe by zgpoi; <.azYt;:at., fr: tinexri'z ,:i <br />terms only. All membero os? the Cora;wis.sion ska l; nSati <br />except that, if the Bca:r,%Tr`%PSteps & 4iraa 8%adu-isable, t Sd`. mail' <br />receive such come-enza. ftic i n,-, mml Yt-. ;e t.y' 3a "a I cwurd <br />of Trurteee and urwAdod 'o7::' -7-, A',ln,, <br />