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c-twviba� `ion, 6 <br />AD ORDIAB M: pnviding for a taaay sown <br />system and tmAment plant for sewmW for <br />sanitary r)uapoces. Ring to Elk Grove 1:istmr <br />and Semen Wr ap<a�, Inco, its suacessore anti. <br />assignso t_h, rra_vilme;e :MOL f'=01Use to =S— <br />straoto opewate and maintaiu a trsaa.tmwnt pl=t <br />and sanitary setter erstem for sanitary purposes <br />-�-& the Village of Elk Grave V12.2ages Illisoie, <br />and granting to said Zlk Grove dater avA <br />Sewer Company. Ino, Us right and priviloge to <br />constructo operate and maintain asuer mainso <br />se'v*r pipesp laterals, eoaaeotionso maahol®s, <br />and other• structuress appliances and devioes <br />In and upon the streets, avenues. allsyse <br />sidewalkso bridges and subllc grounds in The <br />Village of Elk Grove Village for this troatiewt, <br />ideation and dieposal of sewerage for sent - <br />tart' purposes is the Village of E1k Greve <br />Village. Illinois. <br />30 IT MDAINSD 'Ey Llys President and Zdaid of Tsystoos of <br />the Village of Elk Grave Village; Illinsis8 <br />ygwticn 1. That there is hereby granted to Ilk Grw" <br />Water and Sewer Coapaor, Inc, (bo"Inafter sometimes referred to as <br />■Cerporatione)o a corporation .rioting under and by virtue of the <br />laws of the State of Illinois. and its suacessess and assigns, tram <br />the date this ordinance talose offoot until Deosmber 119 1986. VO <br />franchisee right and privilege of supplying The Villsgs of Elk Greve <br />Villaga, Illinois (hereinafter sometime reforred to as "Village$') <br />and the inhabitants of said Village with sanitary sewerage treatment <br />and disposal service for private and public use, together with the <br />right to use ttus streets. aveanos, alleys$ sidewrilks, public grounds <br />and bridges of The Village of Talk Grow Village within its present <br />and future corporate l,mits for plaalrg„ maintaining, taking up and <br />repairing sewer mains,) sower pipes, lateralso man1w1cso oerreeticuss <br />and other struct-cres..appliances mad devices for the treatment,, <br />collection and disposal of sanitary sewerage within the present or <br />future corporate limits of said Village. <br />Seetlon 2. That the said Covporaties skellhave, daring <br />the asntianswo of this grant or any extension thersetp the right <br />to use any streets, avenueso alleysa bridges, sidewalko or other <br />