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Or.dira.ince No, 1.4 <br />a C)F?DINA NC1: 1,i,ren6MV, r,*rddYer0 <br />and hawkers. <br />BE IT ORDAINED by the President and Board of Trustees of <br />the Village of Elk Grove Village, Cook County,. Illinois. <br />f x2,17 Cr coxporatior i n engage it the busines* of hawker or peddler tai :zea, <br />rnerd'hambvr, arti.Ie or thing, withcrat having fire:t sevvred,e. lzrsevxs <br />rhe,re Cor <br />Semi;n. ? Applicatir-xns Ap:,'Axvadon: :or eu P lice:ncisr a}u'.?! h: <br />-- <br />U'ad- to thin Villa;,: Cler14 kkadl h,s1l st'JIL ti ,., .i,, :Pie` <br />if sr,,inh,11fled to bw opr..rated, the kind of merchandise to be peddled <br />and the permanent address of the peddler. <br />Section 3., Fee. The fee for an annual license shall beseventy-five <br />do%lass 't�75,00 and the fee for a, daily license sha 11 be <br />five dollars {$5.00 ). <br />Section it. Fraud. Any licensed peddler or hawker who shall. be <br />gAAlty of any f?. aud,cheating or misrepresentation, whether through him - <br />&;all or through an employee, while acting as a peddler in the village or <br />Nvbo Shull barter. sell or peddle any goods,: or merchandise or wares <br />othar than those specifieda in his application for a license shall be fined <br />not less than five dollars 00) nor more than two hundred dollars <br />($Z00, GO) for each offense; and the President map revoke his license <br />for any such offense. <br />Section 5: Penalty. Any person, firm or corporation violating <br />any provision of this article shall be fined uo: <br />