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No, <br />1D <br />I <br />BE f'. ORD-L,.NED Ly th- Pre-sidzn' anfB(:)ard r4 ", rusteee <br />of the Village of Elk Grove Village, C-poh 'Pino."L' <br />SECTION 1. That Rule 31 (e) of i of 1t 11 4f <br />Ordinance No. I (Administrative io },en( -!by iLntf-�24vc to <br />read as follows-. <br />(e'T Judi'4.,iary and Bulldln.g <br />SECTION 2. i%at this ordxnam-e sh4l! be in. full f v:�ce and <br />effect upon its paosage and approlyal acco.ding o law. <br />PASSED, this 10th day oY Jur- A M. 1957 <br />APPROV-1-A). Chia 10th &%v rjF J'air,:: :k. L4. 195" <br />President <br />A. 1YooriMAil <br />ATTEST-. <br />Village Cierlo <br />M.q'ed'9c&.- 49 joer'e"d <br />