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Ordinance No. 22 <br />AN ORDINANCE annexiyig certain <br />lands to the Village of Elle Grove <br />Village, Illinois. <br />WHEREAS, it is desirable and necessary that the Village annex <br />that Dart of 'Biggins (toad tfxht o; way tying '.,,i,(h)u the P)3. 1C/ ft e1 <br />(as measured along the North line thereof) of the West half of Section 421 <br />Township 41 North„ Range 11 East of the Thix-d Principal Meridian which <br />adjoins the premises sought to be annexed; no such portion of said road <br />being, within any other rnumcipality: that other portions of Higgins Road <br />are now within the corpoaate boundaries of +` Village of Elk. Grove Village <br />as provided by Section 7-8 of Article 8 of the Cities and Villages Act, and <br />WHEREAS, a written petition has b,. eia i-Iled with the Village Clerk <br />of the Village of EAk Grove Village by GREAT NORTHERN DEVELOPMENT <br />GO, , a. Delaware Gcxporation, being the sole, owner of record of the here- <br />inafter described 3znd and territory ,'or anne:_.aUo:n to the Village of Elk <br />Grove Village; and <br />WHEREAS, said land and territory is nit withila the corporate <br />limits of any municipality but is c onti„uorm t o the Vil!atge of Elk. Grove <br />Village upon annerva'ina of 01,n�t past of _Road a 3joining said la e Ya <br />c,r: the North t:her.:oi; is uainbabited and iaae ne ele:^'_ors re. idieng Lb,Teo., <br />and, <br />:'d�'HEREAr_ wraid petAt_t m 1.7 under +s: a% d in all <br />'with slxe requi emonts of tine tittUte in !d's 5.h ti aA£ (L 7"➢dS.d[", ana,;,-na <br />i71Hi'iREAS, tlo- F'l r�!si.dent vaYY,d Bcarr' cf T1,w3loFi, c-' tb; r 17.1.'?dap <br />havrf?. examined said petition and b. t;.ousifi'.e.zv:cl the gliutest-,ton of th41 <br />ana3e:6ation of the territory rl<_scribed ITS a rfl b , i "t7 0- <br />the be P .a t'r .,tr. na t.i',_ <br />