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Ordinance No. 39 <br />til. <br />OIiZ'P:I1+Te I,K':',E p5 ovidialg fo-e ,^".ire liarits„ <br />and regu aVons g;overni ag the ('o istruction, <br />alteration, equiprncgit, iris: occupancy. <br />loc_atloaa a.mi rY airate,nariico Of -U.Udiagf; and <br />structures, <br />BE IT ORDAINED by the President and Board of Trustees of the: <br />Village of Elk Grove Village, Coot; County„ Illinois: <br />Section 1. Adoption of Build Code. There is hereby- adopted by the <br />village of Elk Grove Village for the purpose of establishing rules and regula- <br />tions for the construction. alteration, equipment, use and occupancy, location <br />and maintenance of buildings and structures, including permits and penalties, <br />that certain building code known as the "Basic Building Code" recommended <br />by the Building Officials Conforence of America, Inc. , being particularly the <br />1455 edition thereof and the whold thereof, cava: and except such portions a:3 <br />are hercinafter deleted, modified or amended, of which not less than three <br />Q3^ copies have been and now axe filed in the office, of the Clerk of the p'ilkagp <br />and the sante are hereby adopted and incorporated as fully as if set out at <br />length herein, and from the date on which this ordinance shall take effect, the <br />aravisiona thereof shall be controlling in the construction of all buildings and <br />structures therein contained Within the corporate limits of the Village of r lk. <br />s:.irove Village. <br />Section Z. Adoption of Electrical and Plumbin? Codes. There are <br />Hereby adopted by the Village of Elk Grove Village,for the purpose of estab- <br />lishing rules and regulations in connection with the installation of electrical <br />service and equipment and to regulate the installation of plumbing , "The <br />National Electrical. Code" and "The National Plumbing Code os which not <br />lase than three 13) copies of the respective codes have been and now are filed <br />in the office of the Clerk of the Village and the same are Hereby adopted and <br />ne orpoxated as fully an if set out at length herein„ and frorn the date on which <br />this ordinance shall take affect, the provisions the:=reof shall be. controlling ill <br />she vgaotruction of all buildings and structures therein coatainOd Within thy: <br />corporate limits of the 'Village of Elk Grove Village. <br />Section 3, Establishment of Office of, .St3ildang Suporint:`ndent, <br />dap The office of building superintendent is hereby created and tl-,,e <br />z�xarutive official in charge shall be knovm as the building; superi.n'tendent. <br />4b3 The building su eriattcndent shall be app o pted by the President an <br />Board of Trustees., His :appointement ©hall contbal%e foe two 12� years, He s37,-n:s.7 <br />`.:tot be removed from offi6e(9 srcept for crR.i:fj7 full oppior'Vanit" hae been giv',n <br />him to be heard on spec.ifif� charges, <br />�c) During temporary;,;,bseac'e or C'.l.'::, z.':ai lity of ilia.)uOding .*f4Ay�er3ntQ:23i.'�'F.'t? <br />th4, appointing authoriav ahall. dersirnate an W:r6x.g'idl(Eng; iup;arintandent. <br />,_>e4°tirJi1 .+tV„si .'L i,CuilSJhi Fj O BLT.9. dlix i' .S :3a""-'srinta3ld'::nt. To .11:�d: @�d.f iDrle_ to <br />a -p,¢ oiktrae'nt,,• the candidrate fo-% the pociti.orl�f:: .l.i `t3a?rh? 'iw3d V_Xj,er'ience as fail <br />arcbitect, structural engineer, building fres; otoa or superintendent of bvildi g <br />construction., He shall be in g3od headtn, ph.y-sirally capable of r akiag the <br />necessary escarninations and insp. _tionz, He shell not have any interest <br />directly or indirectly, in the dale or rnantzZacture of a material, proc:e&s uz <br />39 <br />