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16 <br />... =`1 C;l�&:.'i i�•d.t`,.Td�t:; - :.��1^ ,+.,:;;r.• .. �a^i.�.y1> <br />i.C., TYte vit iii >e :::f ..'9l4 <br />a{i"va=r'k- 7liincia <br />WHEREAS a written petition ha,o been filced yr th t..e Y 011 E,Y01a.^ <br />Clerk of the Village r i Eliz. grove.. "Village by GREAT 'R;ORTITVRl`; <br />DEVELOPMENT CO, a Delaware Cox^goration; being '.ae -=.ole -.--,vne <br />of record of the hereinafter land and territory for annex?nor+ <br />to the Village of Elk Grc ve Village; anri <br />WI -ER EAS, saaad land and ttrritary is, not within the corporate, <br />limits of any muni¢;.y>ali_ty but is contiguous €_o the Village of .Elk Care a,e. <br />Village , is uninha.bitred and lass no electors re siding die's eon ; a n;i <br />WHEREAS, said petits.on is under oath and in all respects, eo�:lal:e,r. <br />with the requirements of the e.atute in su:h ,a.efe mzr'r.- and pry aided. an:t. <br />WHEREAS, it is desirable and nec essa.ry t hat tb a Village annex <br />itr^.,A: p:.rt -.f Fi.vZiE:3 Akng,, Phi? etn-.,a lt. t: , 131.' <br />annexed„ no such portion of said Road kMeirig within any otixt;•r rrkunmi.uzaaao. <br />that other prortione of kliggicnr Poa.d are nc>,,, +.cabin traaa c ozrorq to 'boon i zri r, <br />(5'L the Vile:p:+:.. . . s. !k: ^. a^ -1-i F 3Y1 1fRl'o'ac l.. ' ,';, I '., .- <br />of the- Citi.e't enc "'illage6 '. <br />WkER EAS, the Pra sida-�nt anti. Boa r. ST: T.r ast.ees, of s,2.i . Vi "ag. <br />lave examined said petit lLri and have coriv ide. red --'--he queGtton the <br />annexation of the territory descr ibed z e;aid aetiUm ins?. ,.�Jieve ii to br <br />to the bes7 interests or the municipality that slick ter itrary bol, annc.:^:gid <br />ther eto; Now The re£ore <br />BE .1T ORDA14NED R V ` PTT17: ,-RES'MF14'T .<%TqD fi%J.lal'.i O <br />TRUST EES OF THE 1JJ.L1..L4C1E C7a {i_ I. -K (3110VE <br />COUNTY,, XLLH�i= <br />