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;\ wli'1l. -� <br />1; F. Lel tie.G v s e <br />V il.1w, Rei . llal.nrsz,t .. <br />dd.F'3F.�':1".:Af.``; :Tf.rittan, petitir.'•39s f", ,ge.' with ti&c <br />Clerk of the Yalla,;,.� of Elle Grove Vi)ln 'by r41C `, D-'. *A x'3.« INN -1) TR' )-- <br />COiYiP-P+l' Y as Fir"t:; ?Y' i"tZY'3•r. S' a, Tr"at L':a`te C:1 <br />]vtown as 3895.2 Cl" d1' 1; 0 J'ST ic< P , l�k... N, T. C:OY'V';." .. <br />an Illinois Clorpr - nt'on,, wCSLE'Y <br />and JC'i]N F, VOILA ani `aaki`> :.: �PD.l `:,...:i"GK7ti, 'rael:'blg Che scle. <br />owners of record of the r and territory for <br />annexation to tho Village of L'ikr Grove 6 1i ge, e..nd Ralph B. Gilbson; AaneV,r <br />K. Gibson, Via"ce E. Krueger, Arlon,, K:.ruegc>r„ Raymond li:ahlman, <br />Irene Kuhlman, €rt;nk Praybylek, Mary Prsybwlekk, Emery Dierking, ;1'&,1rn <br />Dierking, Herman Eaur, Irma. Baur, Fye.dmri.g A. Bamr, Leonard Heimsoth., <br />Edna Heimsoth, herb Heimsoth,, Marion Heirnsoth, Alfred Krieger, Elvi.ra <br />Krieger, Wilbert Horn, Ethel Horn, John McHaxlett, Mrs. C. G. McHaxleti , <br />Elmer Landmeier, Ida Landmeier„ William R. Cargile„ Mrs, William R. <br />Cargile, Wesley Landmeier, Lucille Lahr, dre'„ John F Von Bergen., <br />Minnie Von Bergen, .Lydia. S. Von Bergen, Lilly H. Von Bergen„ Walter <br />Von Bergen, Cecilia M. Voce Bergen,; Erwin A. Voss. Bergen and Minnie K. <br />Von Bergen, being all of the electors reuxde'nt in the said hereinafter <br />described land, and territory; and <br />WHEREAS, said land and ter:-atory it r:a t within the corporate <br />Rmits of anv municilwthty bvt is r.nrz?: y;Lr + to fl-,- Village of Elle Grove <br />Villager is inhabited and ha.a 37 eiectuxa, resieung therein who Joined :n <br />said petitions; and <br />E <br />