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RESOLUTION NO. 17-93 <br />A RESOLUTION SUPPORTING THE RETENTION <br />OF MILITARY UNITS AT O'HARE <br />WHEREAS, the Federal Government acquired this land in October 1942 and <br />was used for aircraft construction and was originally known as Orchard <br />Place Airport; and <br />WHEREAS, on March 21, 1946, the Government ceded the airfield area of <br />the installation to the City of Chicago, but retained the right for <br />military activities and other federal institutions to share its facilities; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, the proposed relocation of the facility to the Rockford area <br />will cost taxpayers the exuberant amount of $500,000,000; and <br />WHEREAS, approximately $2.0 million in construction improvements were <br />recently completed at the O'Hare Military facility; and <br />WHEREAS, the 928th Airlift Group, with more than 1,500 reservists and <br />more than 450 Air Reserve technicians and civilians call O'Hare their home <br />base; and <br />WHEREAS, the O'Hare Military Base employs 4,700 full and part-time <br />personnel; and <br />WHEREAS, the 1991 payroll was above 120 million and the installation's <br />presence added about 200 million to the economy of the surrounding area; and <br />WHEREAS, the O'Hare facilities are also shared by the Illinois Air <br />National Guard, the 126th Air Refueling Wing, the 217th Electronic <br />Installation Squadron, the 566th Air Force Band, the Aeronautical System <br />Division, the North Central area of the Defense Control Management Agency, <br />U.S. Army Reserve units, two squadrons of Civil Air Patrol, and several <br />regional offices of other government agencies; and <br />WHEREAS, the closing of the military side of O'Hare would cause <br />numerous citizens to be forced to either move or withdraw from the <br />reserves; and <br />