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RESOLUTION NO. 57-93 <br /> A RESOLUTION ON FEDERAL UNFUNDED MANDATES <br /> WHEREAS, unfunded mandates on state and local governments have <br /> increased significantly in recent years; and <br /> WHEREAS, federal mandates require municipalities to perform duties <br /> without consideration of local circumstances , costs, or capacity, and <br /> subject municipalities to civil or criminal penalties for noncompliance; <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS, federal mandates require compliance regardless of other <br /> pressing local needs and priorities affecting the health, welfare, and <br /> safety of municipal citizens; and <br /> WHEREAS, excessive federal burdens on local governments force some <br /> combination of higher local taxes and fees and/or reduced local services on <br /> citizens and local taxpayers; and <br /> WHEREAS, federal mandates are too often inflexible, one-size-fits-all <br /> requirements that impose unrealistic time frames and specify procedures or <br /> facilities where less costly alternatives might be just as effective; and <br /> WHEREAS, existing mandates impose harsh pressures on local budgets and <br /> the federal government has imposed a freeze upon funding to help compensate <br /> for any new mandates; and <br /> WHEREAS, the cumulative impact of these legislative and regulatory <br /> actions directly affect the citizens of Elk Grove Village; and <br /> WHEREAS, state and local government representatives have begun a <br /> national public education campaign to help citizens understand and then <br />