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RESOLUTION NO. 22-86 <br />STATE OF ILUMM3 <br />RESOLUTION FOR MAINTENANCE OF STREETS AND HIGHWAYS BY <br />MUNICIPALITY UNDER THE ILLINOIS HIGHWAY CODE <br />BE IT RESOLVED, by the President and Board of Trustees the <br />MMM a f rrt r are it arta! <br />Village of Elk Grove Village � IBinols, that there is busby <br />IM sm a VOW 0004 <br />1pype0Vrj"W the SM of $ .500,000 <br />5000,, 0000�y�, �y���*Jmooto�r Pool T11Kyf�nvias fort the yuep)aM of mdataal}a�iinc <br />M Eab and bi�ghwsys anda� bg Sppde ,w p.V ildosa Vl tbt WWWO ]jWhwy Cods, � rannary 1, 19 86 <br />to Deausber SU 18 86 <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that ao(y tboss stte" highways, and operations u Bated and deecrlbed <br />m the appo oed Munf el Estimate of 3falatname Coat. including Supplemental or revised ardMates ap- <br />proved in eamnectlon wish this rembrUm are eBglbie for.mabdanance with Mo6w 7ae1 Tint funds daring the <br />padod r spaeOW abofw <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Clerk shall, as soon as practicable after the close of the period <br />of given above, submit to the Department of Transportation, on forma furnished by said Department, a certified <br />statement showing expenditures from and balances remainin in the account(s) for this period; and <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Clark shalt immediately transmit two certified copies of this <br />resolution to the district office of the Department of Thmspdrtation, at crhA„mh„rg , BBnois. <br />tA— <br />DaearhnaM of nM.�elea <br />DIMW Enflnew <br />b Patricia S. Smith Village <br />IDL oft 2M fit <br />0ark In d for ler Village <br />IM an a safe <br />Elk Grove at Cook <br />w L7e�IT , <br />hmby eeetla the Lowedas lobe a tfft, j I sad amNeOs <br />eepd • taeebfltfa adpYd bT <br />as a amtft AL March 11. .1a 86 <br />IK Tiffra Ky WEMMIP, I hava hefamte ad cep heed <br />Nd ad *M& 13th d, a March --- <br />AIL to RF, <br />MILL) ld� <br />j. <br />Villaee Clerk <br />tm ane t waau <br />BLR 4123 (Rev. 3-84) <br />