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r <br /> RESOLUTION NO., 7-84 ' <br /> Project ELK GROVE VILLAGE <br /> C17 2318-03 <br /> RESOLUTION REGARDING UNIFORM RELOCATION <br /> ASSISTANCE AND REAL PROPERTY ACQUISITION <br /> (INCLUDING EASEMENTS) ON OR AFTER JANUARY 2, 1971 <br /> If project does not require real property acquisition (including , <br /> easements) after January 2, 1971 , then this resolution is not required. <br /> Whereas regulations of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency <br /> regarding grants for construction of sewage treatment works, 40 CFR 35 I, <br /> require that the Village of Elk Grove Village comply with <br /> 40 CFR 4; therefore, be it reso ve tat: <br /> I. Inasmuch as the project will require the acquisition of real property <br /> (where real property may include easements) on or after January 2, <br /> 1971 , and the real property acquisition is complete <br /> the Villof Elk Gkove Village herewith attaches <br /> (stri a or age <br /> A) a statement by the seller that the price paid for property <br /> (including easements) is fair and reasonable, and he is aware of <br /> his (PL 91-646) rights and waives them; <br /> a etailed arrativ stateme t pointe out t manne in <br /> vdii acqui si i on pol ies ha v conform to Su art .F d <br /> he p is info tion r uireme sof 4 FR 4; D, IF <br /> N ESSS , <br /> 2 a is ssion f the ner in h it inten d to <br /> emedy de iencies n those a uisi n poli 'es to <br /> c ly wit Subp t F an he public for ion <br /> req ements f 40 R 4. <br /> II. Regarding the displacement of persons (Strike A or B) <br /> A) the project will not result in the displacement of any person <br /> from his home, business or farm on or after January 2, 1971 , <br /> ina much as th rojer ill re � <br /> It in t disP ement f <br /> perso rom his e, bus' ess or arm on after anuar , <br /> 71 , an (strike or 2): <br /> 1 ) 'nasmuch s the di lacemen has a ady be compl ed, <br /> t of here ' h <br /> att es s r e a or <br /> a a s tement 'the di lacee t he i aware his <br /> PL 696 right and waiv them; <br />