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RESOLUTION N`0. 8-84 <br /> j Project ELK GROVE VILLAGE <br /> C17 2318-03 <br /> RESOLUTION REGARDING PROJECT <br /> PERFORMANCE STANDARDS <br /> Whereas , the regulations of the US Environmental Protection <br /> Agency regarding grants for construction of sewage treatment <br /> works , 40 CFR 35 . 2214, requires that the VILLAGE of <br /> ELK GROVE VILLAGE certify one year after the date of initiation <br /> of the project whether the project can meet the applicable <br /> performance standards , and <br /> Whereas, before the said certification can be made and before <br /> Step 3 building is initiated, the applicable project performance <br /> standards must be established; <br /> Therefore, be it resolved this 28th day of FEBRUARY 19 84 <br /> that the performance standards applicable for the useful life <br /> of the project shall be as listed below, as well as the enforce- <br /> able requirements of the Clean Water Act and the plans and <br /> specifications which the project was planned, designed,. and built . <br /> ´┐Żor oad im s c Aute bas d on a d ign ave e 0, <br /> ( F) f M an a d ign xim m ow MF) f <br /> GD , he eff en t for isc rge mbe ( hal <br /> be lim e s ent ' fie in DES r d <br /> e en t f al to qua ty a of ue t St da s <br /> to on , A <br /> 2. Under design conditions, there shall be no overflows , <br /> surcharges, or basement backups associated with the <br /> separate sanitary collection system. <br /> tl <br /> This Agency Is authorized to require this Information undo <br /> Ililnols Revlud Statutes, 1981,Chapter 111X,Section 1004, <br /> SII and(m),as wall as 40 CFR 30.430,35.007 and 35.2214 <br /> 19821. Disclosure of this Information Is required. Failure <br /> to do to may result In the termination of the grant,disallowance <br /> of related project coats,the wltholding of payments suspension <br /> of project work. Injunctive relief and other action. This form <br />