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RESOLUTION NO. 32-82 <br />A RESOLUTION HONORING THE ELK GROVE HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS SOFTBALL TEAM <br />WHEREAS, .the EQk Gntove High SchooZ Gixts So6tbale Team has distinguished <br />it6etA by winning the MI.d-Suburban Conbehenee T.itZe, .the State Regionae and <br />Seeti.onaZ Touhnaments, and two games at ,the State Touhnament 6,inaes, thereby <br />becoming .the High Schoot Association State So6tbatt RunneA-up Aon. <br />1982; and <br />WHEREAS, the E4k Gnove Gntnadieu pnov,ided thei& bans with an exeettent <br />seaaon highlighted by bine coaching and exeepti.ona.t .ind.iv.iduae and .team <br />e66o4t oA it5 SoAtbatt pZaye&b; and <br />WHEREAS, aecognition .i.a given to Ptineipat Donald M. Fy6e, Atheeti.c <br />Di)Lecton. Fred Gaines, Coaches Kenneth Gnnms and Doug M.iU-6tone, and .the <br /> team membe26: <br />Jenni.6e& Antos <br />Mancha BaAA <br />Jama Beaty <br />Jenni6eh DeCamana <br />Con,inne G.inteA <br />Suzanne HaAaod <br />Kasen He tyeA <br />Kathleen Hennetty <br />Cantotta Hehnandez <br />Tracy Hehnandez <br />Dawn Juliano <br />Gait Kortyniak <br />Lusa Lasp-lsa <br />Kathleen Leyden <br />Path iaia McG.inZey <br />Kathleen Monhis <br />Diana Net6on <br />Kristine Peddy <br />Tracy Schnei.beA <br />Cynthia. Sunaget <br />La)Liie VanHa6ten <br />Ellen Webec <br />WHEREAS, .the Etk Gxtove Gnenadiens pnov.ided theiA Aans with an exeeltent <br />season az a nesutt o6 the oveAaU detmm.inati.on, and dedication <br />d.isptayed by all the above mentioned. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, <br />o6 the Vittage o6 EZk Gnove V.iltage, <br /> as 6otZows: <br />by the Pnes.ident and Board o6 Trustees <br />Counties o6 Cook and DuPage, State o6 <br />Section 1: That the EZk Gnove High Sehooe Gika Sa6tbaU Team i6 hen.eby <br />commended Aon the honors they have bestowed upon the V.i.eeage and the High <br />Schoot by becoming the Itti.nois High Schoot Association State So6tball <br />RunneA-up Aon 1982. <br />Section 2: That this Resotution shalt be .in 6uU 6once and e66ect <br />Aaom and a6ten -itis passage and approval according to .law. <br />PASSED this 13th day o6 Ju -q , 1982. <br />APPROVED thus 13th day o6 Jutil 1982. <br />Charl <br />e Tze.64,dent <br />ATTEST: <br />Patricia S. Smith <br />V.iUage Cten.k <br />