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RESOLUTION NO. 33-82 <br />A RESOLUTION HONORING THE ELK GROVE HIGH SCHOOL BOYS BASEBALL TEAM <br />WHEREAS, the Etk Gnove High Schoot Ba6ebaee Team has distinguished <br />.itsee6 by winning the State Reg.ionat and Sectionae Tournaments, .thereby <br />advancing .to the State Tounnamen 6A;,aU, and becoming a membest o6 .the <br />1982 High Schoot Association Chris AA State Baaebaee F.inae 8; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, .the Etk Grove Gr.enadie&6 provided .theist bans with an exeeetent <br />season h.ighCighted by 6.ine coaching and exeepti.onae .ind%v.iduae and .team <br />e66ort o6 .its basebaet ptayesus; and <br />WHEREAS, necogniti.on -is given .to Prineipat Donatd M. Fy6e, A,thtetic <br />Di,teeton Fred Gaines, Coach Lasuty Peddy, and .the 6oteowing ,team membem; <br />Jeb6rey Ams <br />Pauli. Brewer <br />Craig Campbeee <br />David Cane <br />Jas eph Cah pen <br />Robeset Caveteo <br />John Cormier <br />David Edststom <br /> Ewuight <br />Robert Eni.ekson <br />Pace Gennuso <br />Theodore Hennessy <br />Miko Kabeshita <br />George Katousek <br />Robert Koeptin <br />Je66rey Lindquist <br />Kevin Murphy <br />Eric Oxtinau <br />David Otto <br />David Pras-ia <br />Richard Sug.ihaAa <br />Greg VanHauter <br />Mark Wood <br />WHEREAS, .the Etk Grove provided .theist 6an6 with an exeeteent <br />healon as a resuet o6 .the overate deteson.ination, set6-aacn.i6iee and dedication <br />di%sptayed by aet .the above mentioned. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by .the President and Board o6 Tiw tees <br />o6 the Vit age o6 Etk Gnove Vittage, Counties o6 Cook and DuPage, State o6 <br />ItLinois, as 6oteows: <br />Section 1: That the Eek Grove High Schoot Boys Basebaee Team .is hereby <br />commended bon .the honor they have bestowed upon the V.ietage and .the High <br />Schoot by becoming a member o6 .the 1982 ItUno-is High Schoot Association <br />Ctass AA State &webaet F.inat 8. <br />Section 2: That .thio Resotution skate be .in 6ute 6orce and e66eet <br />6rom and a4tea .its passage and approvae acconding to taw. <br />PASSED filws day 06 Juty , 1982. <br />APPROVED .this., 13th day 06 Juty , 1982. <br />C r <br />V g¢ Pnebc ¢nt <br />ATTEST: <br />Patricia S. Smith <br />ViUag e Cter <br />