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RESOLUTION NO. 42-82 <br />A RESOLUTION ENCOURAGING THE COUNTY TO REVIEW AND AMEND THE <br />DISTRIBUTION OF FINE REVENUE GENERATED IN THE COURTROOM <br />WHEREAS, The Village of Elk Grove Village has been advised that a new <br />structure has been implemented on July 1, 1982, for the allotment of fines and <br />costs as a result of Village prosecutions of traffic tickets and other related <br />offenses, and <br />WHEREAS, additional costs in the amount of Five ($5.00) Dollars have been <br />added as a surcharge by the County, a Two ($2.00) Dollar State Police Training <br />fund cost and a Five ($5.00) Dollar assessment for driver educational fund, <br />which amounts are to be deducted from the amount rebated from the City's <br />portion of any fine, and <br />WHEREAS, in the past if a standard Thirty-five ($35.00) Dollar fine were <br />assessed the County would receive Ten ($10.00) Dollars in costs and the Village <br />Twenty-five ($25.00) Dollars in revenue, and <br />WHEREAS, under the proposed new cost and fine schedule on the Thirty-five <br />($35.00) Dollar fine there would be a total of Twenty-two ($22.00) Dollar in <br />costs and Thirteen ($13.00) Dollars would be returned to the Village, and <br />WHEREAS, if the Court assesses a minimal fine which is Twenty-two ($22.00) <br />Dollars or under the Village would receive no revenue. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Village of Elk Grove Village, <br />that some adjustment should be made to increase the minimum fine to reduce <br />the amount of costs taken out by the County and State or to prorate the costs <br />against the entire fine so that some substantial portion of the overall fine <br />and costs assessed comes to the Village for its services rendered in making <br />the arrest and following up on the prosecution and therefore ask that the <br />Cook County Board, Cook County Circuit Court System and the State of Illinois <br />review the implemented procedures regarding allotment of costs so that a more <br />fair and equitable adjustment may be made of the moneys received as a result <br />of the successful prosecution. <br />PASSED this 27th day of July , 1982• <br />APPROVED this 27th <br />I;. <br />ATTEST; <br />- <br />Village Clerk' <br />