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RESOLUTION NO. 68-82 <br /> A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE VILLAGE TO <br /> PARTICIPATE IN THE NORTHWEST COMMUNITY HOSPITAL MOBILE <br /> INTENSIVE CARE UNIT (MICU) SYSTEM <br /> In compliance with the Illinois Department of Public Health Rules and <br /> Regulations and the EMS Act - PA 81-1518, this document is provided to <br /> reaffirm the commitment of the Village of Elk Grove and its Fire Department <br /> to continue participation in the Northwest Community Hospital Mobile Intensive <br /> Care System. <br /> The Elk Grove Village Fire Department provides a municipally funded and <br /> operated Advanced Life Support ambulance service. This service is provided <br /> 24 hours of every day and assures that at least two EMT-Ps function at the <br /> scene of all Advanced Life Support calls. This service also provides this <br /> staffing en route to the hospital . <br /> Provision of this service is done on a per need basis without regard <br /> to the patient' s ability to pay. Access to the service is gained primarily <br /> by emergency telephone (439-2121 ) . This number and the service attached to <br /> it is provided to telephone directories, community directories, community <br /> services and allied agencies as the number to call for emergency ambulance <br /> service. The Elk Grove Village Fire Department regularly provides public <br /> information programs to assure public knowledge of service availability and <br /> method of access. <br /> WHEREAS, the Elk Grove Village Fire Department is committed to and <br /> provides response times within the required 4-6 minute optimum. On the <br /> attached map, vehicle locations and coverage areas and times are provided. <br /> Dispatching of these units is provided through NWCDS with a local backup <br /> dispatch at our Station 7. Methods of dispatch, area coverage and mutual <br /> aid backup systems are provided for in standard operating procedures and <br /> appropriate signed agreements (copies attached) . <br /> WHEREAS, Mutual Aid coverage on an ambulance call is requested in one <br /> of our Mobile Intensive Care ambulances is not immediately available for <br /> response. This is in addition to the immediate response of one of our first <br /> response units (fire engine) . Choice of Mutual Aid company requested is <br /> based upon location of the call . <br />