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RESOLUTION NO. 16-75 <br />A RESOLUTION -DECLARING VEHICULAR ACCESS PLANS FOR THE UPPER SALT CREEK <br />NED BROWN WATERSHED AND RECREATIONAL FACILITIES UNACCEPTABLE AND UNSAFE <br />WHEREAS, the Upper Salt Creek Watershed project is designed and under <br />construction to reduce damage otherwise caused by uncontrolled runoff of storm <br />water, and <br />WHEREAS,_:such a public improvement is important to the health and well being <br />of the general public, and <br />WHEREAS, the Upper Salt Creek Watershed project is designed and under construction <br />to increase the kind and amount of year around recreational resources available to the <br />general public, and <br />WHEREAS, such recreational resources are considered desirable; and <br />WHEREAS, the residents and officials of the Village of Elk Grove Village will <br />suffer untold annoyance, inconvenience, and discomfort in terms of social, safety, <br />and economic terms and because of the inadequate insufficient, and completely unaccept- <br />able vehicular ingress and egress plans that now exist, and <br />WHEREAS, efforts over the last four (4) years hove not succeeded in bringing about <br />a redesigned plan to improve access FOR the general regional populace and to reduce the <br />impact ON adjacent residents, the <br />President and Board of Trustees, of the Village of Elk Grove Village, DO HEREBY RESOLVE <br />and DECLARE the present traffic plans, parking plans, and means of access to the water <br />and winter recreational areas of the Ned Brown Upper Salt Creek Watershed project <br />located south of Illinois State Route 72., Higgins Road to be <br />1. Unacceptable and <br />2. Unsafe <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this Resolution be directed to the following Public <br />Officials and Agencies, and further that each is hereby requested to REQUIRE his <br />subordinates and agents to take action within 30 da,s to el'+mina Ce and correct the <br />inadequate, hazardous and poorly conceived plans for vehicular access to the recrea- <br />tional areas located in the southern portion of the Upper Salt Creed Watershed project. <br />Arthur L. Janura, General Superintendent <br />Cook County Forest Preserve <br />Hugo J. Stark, Superintendent <br />Cook County Highway Department <br />George W. Dunne, President <br />Cook County Forest Preserve <br />Cook County Board of Commissioners <br />Alfred Stiel, Highway Commissioner <br />Elk Grove Township <br />Thomas Hamilton, Chairman <br />North Cook County Soil Conservation District <br />Howard W. Busch, State Conservationist <br />Soil Conservation Service, Champaign, Illinois <br />Sigmund Ziejewski,. Regional Director <br />Illinois Department of Transportation <br />Langhorn Bond, Secretary <br />Illinois Department of Transportation <br />Daniel Walker, Governor <br />State of Illinois <br />