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RESOLUTION N0, 30-75 <br />A RESOLUTION APPOINTING JUDGES OF ELECTION AND ALTERNATE JUDGES <br />FOR THE REGULAR ELECTION TO BE HELD ON APRIL 15 1975 <br />WHEREAS, the President and Board of Trustees of the Village of Elk <br />Grove Village, on the 11th day of February, 1975 did pass Ordinance No. 977 <br />which ordinance called for a regular election to be held on April 15, 1975 <br />entitled: <br />"An ordinance calling for a regular election of officers of <br />the Village of Elk Grove Village on Tuesday, April 15, 1975" <br />WHEREAS, to carry out and execute said ordinance it is necessary that <br />Judges of Election and alternate Judges for the various precincts referred <br />to in the above entitled ordinance, be appointed. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the President and Board of Trustees <br />of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of Cook and DuPage, Illinois: <br />SECTION 1. That the hereinafter designated persons be and are hereby <br />appointed Judges of Election for the precincts designated for the regular <br />election referred to above: <br />Precinct ##1 (The Arcade, Park & Shop) <br />Dorothy'J. Kuhr, 18 Woodcrest Lane <br />Ethel K. Dunn, 34 Woodcrest Lane <br />Alice M. Whedon, 5 Ridgewood Road <br />Marion C. Edwards, 7 Ridgewood Road <br />Joanne Fay, 506 Briarwood Lane (p.d.) <br />Precinct #2 (Ira Rupley School) <br />Jean E. Person, 546 Ridgewood Avenue <br />Dianne H. Schmitt, 200 Redwood Lane <br />Betty E. Hammerstrom, 510 Germaine Lane <br />Mary V. Sorensen, 634 Ironwood Drive <br />Catherine Ginther, 205 Oakston Rd. (P.D.) <br />Precinct ##3 (Ridge School) <br />Eleanor J. Christensen, 851 Crest Avenue <br />Betty Jane Jacobson, 510 Oak Street <br />Esther E. McCormick, 245 Edgeware Road <br />Darlene A. Larson, 266 Tower Lane <br />Rosemary J. Wade, 465 Bianco Drive (P.D.) <br />Precinct ##4 (Grant Wood School) <br />Kevin E. McCarthy, 917 Ridge Court <br />Lois E. Swallow, 947 Maple Lane <br />Patricia A. Rice, 921 Victoria Lane <br />Sharon G. Sable, 1178 Carswell Avenue <br />Shirley C. Wilson, 604 Cedar Lane (P.D.) <br />Precinct #5 (Clearmont School) <br />Joanne E. Strauss, 265 Fern Drive <br />Laverne C. Claps, 1210 Hemlock Road <br />Dolores J. Dorner, 252 Clearmont Drive <br />Carol Kane, 1200 Springdale <br />Marion Noehre, 248 Fern Drive (P.D.) <br />Precinct ##6 (Salt Creek School) <br />Virginia K. Nepodahl, 44 Keswick Road <br />Jane H. Theobold, 728 Milbeck Court <br />Joyce E. Taucher, 65 Braemar Drive <br />Mable E. Reid, 62 Brantwood Avenue <br />Mary K. Frazier, 73 Eden Road (P.D.) <br />Precinct #7 (Adm. Richard E. Byrd School) <br />Madeleine A. Bristow, 1357 Cumberland Circle I <br />Evelyn Adams, 170 Tottenham Lane <br />Virginia F. Antonik, 599 Exmoor Road <br />Camilla Pahl, 248 Wellington Avenue <br />Suzanne Pritscher, 119 Brandywine (P.D.) <br />Precinct #8 (Daniel P. Cook (Marshall)School, <br />Cordula Williamson, 666 Chelmsford Lane <br />Dorothe J. Aigner, 648 D. Dauphine <br />Ailene Holmes, 655 B Versailles Circle <br />Eunice W. Bowdle, 898 Wellington Avenue <br />Barbara Barnett, 64 Burgundy Ct. (P.D,) <br />