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I;ESOLUi I,��. I!u. 34-75 <br />D A.S HIGGINS <br />INDU_5TR I AL- PARK_ UN I -T _NO- X69__ <br />I:OU, I ; � ,F0PE, f,!. II RI SOi_V`J by ti:� Prc:sidcnt and i;o,�rd of Iru"tccs of <br />ih b'illau-: ��i rll: Cc.. Tillage, [:ouniies r�f Cooi< and Du P: _a, Stcte of Illinois. <br />Section 1. Thz�t !rhroJ.l is h:u(•.-,y giden the final plat of su!.IdiVision <br />ident ifi:d as Higgins Industrial Park Unit No. 169 <br />pre:parcd t)y__Gremley & Biedermann, .Inc. Land Surveyors_ <br />as Dra:ing No._75786 _ Di -mJ ng Date: April 3, 1975 <br />beirig a subdivision in Section (s)_ 27 , Township_ 41 <br />(forth, Rznge 11, East of the Ti;ird Principal Meridian in Cook <br />County, Illinois, a copy of which is attached hereto and made a <br />par's ft,11, fc,r;1 <br />Section That t`:(3 Villay.— f'rasidant and Villace- Clerk are horeby authorized <br />to Sinn said plat for and in tha name of the Village and attach <br />thsrctu the corporetn seal. <br />S^ct1r, Th.:,- thie roscl_ticn a'halI be in full force and effect from and <br />after its p.ssa e ann' approval according to liar. <br />PASSCD this --- 22nd _d,ay, Of— April _ 197 5. <br />APPROVi1) %his 22nd ----day of _Apr il _ 197 5. <br />4—villf, Pre "dent <br />A' I i --f: <br />