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T RM:;Ufd'7'1 JP; " R(^.'.)!%.'l:G l'f7R VI'1;llT.`,"i1; C�')'!r r ", ,:1""I UN IF'i)R <br />..,";. AN I Ii /'L'(,;�PC�TC�e Q�l 1, ;Id ) "ll '0 a771:'P) AI71VT�71.S <br />NOIe, Ph iT RFSOL1 lD by the President and Board of Trustees of the <br />Pillage of EQ Grove Village, Counties of CooA and DUPa7e, Illinois. <br />Section I. That sup -section 5, Section 7, Article 4, The Pay Plan, of the <br />Personnel Rules of Elk Grove Village, adopt_d by Resolution No. 71--65, as <br />amendod, to and is hereby amended to ,read as follows: <br />Effective June 1, 1975, the following overtime policy shall be in force <br />for uniformed personnel engaged .in Fire Protection or Law Enforcement <br />activities as defined in the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended <br />in 1974, 29 CFR, Part 533. <br />1. Uniformed personnel below the rank of Police Sergeant and Tire <br />Lieutenant shall be paid straight time for court attendance, training, <br />roll :all oriefino, etc. <br />2. Overtime at the rate of time and one-half shall be paid to uniformed <br />personnel below the rank of Police Sergeant and Fire Lieutenant when <br />the workday exceeds their .stipulated tour of duty. <br />3. Regular full-time Firefighters, when off duty and answering a fire <br />call, shall be paid at time and one -.half their regular hourly rate. <br />4. When the needs of the Fire and Police Departments are such that <br />personnel must work additional days and/or hours because of inadequate <br />manpower available which is brought about by sickness and/or personal <br />absence, vacation time, and any and all ether circumstances considered <br />to fall within this category by the Chief of the Department and <br />Village Manager, time shall be paid as follows: <br />a. Twenty-four (24) hours or more notice at straight time. <br />b. Less than twenty-four (1.4) hours notice at time and one-half. <br />5. All .hours worked (as defined in the Fair Labor. Standards Act of 1938, <br />as amended in 1974), including hours worked in the above situations, <br />shall be compensated for at time and one-half when said flours worked <br />exceed one hundred eighty (180) hours in the established work period <br />of twenty-one (21) days. <br />6. Police Lieutenants and Sergeants and Fire Captains and Lieutenants <br />shall not receivo any additional compensation over their base salary <br />under any circumstances. <br />Section 2 That this Resolution shall be in full force and effect from and <br />after its passage and approval according to law. <br />PA SnD this 27th day OC May 1975. <br />AFFSOl'nD thi_3 2'th usy of M,ly , 197.5. <br />b t.71%. <br />/f Lzc�a <br />a-snt <br />ATTi;ST: <br />