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RESOLUTION NO. jO-'S <br /> A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING AND DIRECTING THE OBTAIPTMENT OF <br /> LAKE MICHIGAN WATER ALLOCATION AND CONNECTION WITH CITY <br /> O'c' CHICAGO i'ACILE'I'IBS . <br /> the village of Elk Grove Village , a Municipal corporation <br /> to :aced <br /> in the Counties of Cook and DuPage, Illinois , being needful, <br /> of a dependable water supply did authorize the engineering firm of <br /> r . ciey and Hansen of Chicago, Illinois to make an exhaustive study <br /> e;'. its options ; and <br /> WHEREAS , the municipality, after receipt of such a study has <br /> determined that it is needful of a surface supply of water from Lake <br /> Michigan so to furnish its residents with a dependable supply of <br /> wator; that such need is immediate and require its taking urgent <br /> action to accomplish same . <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the President and Board of <br /> Trustees of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of Cook and <br /> DuPage, Illinois, as follows : <br /> Section 1 : That the Village authorities direct Greeley and Hansen, <br /> its engineers, the Village Manager and the Village Attorney to obtain <br /> immediate Lake Michigan water allocations for its use in the present <br /> proceedings which are now pending to determine water allocation, said <br /> application to be amended to be in accordance with the studies of <br /> Greeley and Hansen which have been furnished the Village and that such <br /> testimony be offered in such hearings as to advance the necessity of its <br /> request and the immediacy of its request. <br /> Section 2 : That the Village Manager and the Village Attorney are <br /> authorized and directed to take any and all necessary action by contract <br /> and otherwise to accomplish the obtainment of an inter-connection with a <br /> surface supply of water by entering into negotiations with the City of <br /> Chicago at the earliest time convenient and that the engineering firm <br /> of Greeley and Hansen be commissioned forthwith to prepare such studies <br /> as are necessary in the opinion of the Village Manager to accomplish <br /> the foregoing . <br />