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RESOLUTION NO. 57-75 <br /> A RESOLUTION ACCEPTING AND PLACING ON FILE A PERFORMANCE BOND FROM THE <br /> CONTINENTAL INSURANCE COMPANY (BOND NO. BMD 203-07-12) IN THE AMOUNT OF <br /> $123,000.00 FROM MC LENNAN GENERAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY AND GUARANTEEING <br /> THE CONSTRUCTION OF ALL ITEMS IN FRISBIE SUBDIVISION IN ACCORDANCE WITH <br /> ENGINEERING DRAWINGS <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the President and Board of Trustees of <br /> the Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of Cook and DuPage, State of Illinois: <br /> Section 1 . That the President and Board of Trustees do hereby authorize <br /> the acceptance and placing on file of Performance Bond No. <br /> BND 203 07 12 in the amount of $123,000.00 from the Continental' <br /> Insurance Company to guarantee the construction of all items in <br /> Frisbie Subdivision according to Engineering Drawings as prepared <br /> by Elk Grove Engineering Company, 860 Lively Boulevard, Elk Grove <br /> Village, Illinois, dated January 2, 1975, final revision dated <br /> May 8, 1975, on project No, 6587. <br /> Section 2. That this resolution shall be in full force and effect from <br /> and after its passage and approval according to law. <br /> PASSED this 5th day of August 1975, <br /> APPROVED this 5th day of August / 1975. <br /> Village eSnt <br /> ATTEST: <br /> Villa' Clerk <br />