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RESOLUTION NO. 88-75 <br /> A RESOLUTION DESIGNATING THE NORTHWEST MUNICIPAL CONFERENCE AS A <br /> SUBREGIONAL AUTHORITY AND ESTABLISHING A 3 MEMBER COMMITTEE OF <br /> MAYORS AND VILLAGE PRESIDENTS TO FURTHER THE TRANSPORTATION NEEDS <br /> OF THE 16 MEMBER MUNICIPALITIES WITH RESPECT TO THE RTA 5 YEAR PLAN <br /> WHEREAS, the Northwest Municipal Conference (NWMC) , as represented by <br /> Its elected officials, has a continuous and growing need for determination <br /> of transportation needs and priorities; and <br /> WHEREAS, the individual municipalities which are members of NWMC have <br /> found considerable difficulty in communicating such needs and priorities to <br /> the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) for their consideration; and <br /> WHEREAS, the mayors and managers of NWMC have expressed great interest <br /> in the potential for presenting such needs and priorities in a unified and <br /> constructive manner; and <br /> WHEREAS, NWMC is in the unique position of being able to effectively <br /> organize and coordinate the transportation interests of the 16 municipalities; <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS, NWMC has demonstrated its utility and effectiveness in the area <br /> of transportation through the Federal Aid to Urban Systems (FAUS) projects; and <br /> WHEREAS, NWMC has recently been designated as a "notification and review <br /> agency" for purposes of A-95 federal grant activity, which includes the area <br /> of transportation; and <br /> WHEREAS, NWMC is sufficiently staffed to allow for proper analysis of such <br /> transportation activity; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that NWMC be designated as a subregional <br /> authority for purposes of working with RTA to further the transportation <br /> interests of the sixteen (16) member municipalities; and <br /> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that NWMC establish a 3 member committee of village <br /> and city mayors or presidents for purposes of reviewing RTA programs and proposals, <br /> and for purposes of communicating the needs and interests of its member municipalities; <br /> and <br /> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that such committee prepare and submit a report <br /> delineating the specific needs and priorities of the member municipalities <br /> with respect to the RTA 5-year plan, which is scheduled for approval on June <br /> 30, 1976. <br />