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RESOLUTION NO. 90-75 <br /> A RESOLUTION DESIGNATING A DEPOSITORY AND <br /> AUTHORIZING CERTAIN OFFICIALS AS APPROPRIATE SIGNATORIES <br /> WHEREAS .the Village os Elk Gnove V.ifrfage has entered .into an <br /> agreement with W.iUP iam A. Ulke, a Potice Obbdcen employed by .the Vittage, <br /> .said agreement negating to the netiAement, pension and death beneb.ita ob <br /> .said employee, and, <br /> WHEREAS Anti.eee 3, Section C ob said agreement authomizes the <br /> Village, as a result ob .ineAea6e6 in .the employee's .salary and thous an <br /> .ineteaze .in the V.i,P&ge's contA,i.buti.on as set bomth Ln said agreement <br /> ne6ulting .in excess 6und6 oveA and above the amount needed to b.inanee the <br /> policy purchased to bund ce lain bene6itz ob said agreement, to <br /> deposi." �5uch :...,._es'. fqt) . .irzteA�',St be.,;ling account. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Phes.ident and Board o4 <br /> Trustees ob the Vittage ob Elk Gnove Village, Cook and DuPage Counties, <br />,s: <br /> Section 1. That the AAtington Heights FedeAa.0 Savings and <br /> Loan Association be and .is heAeby designated as a depoA tory <br /> ab the V,iU-age ob Elk Gnove Vittage bon. the Special Account <br /> Funds ne retiAement, pension and death plan - <br /> W.i2Uam A. Ulke - ob said Vittage and that the V.i,22age <br /> Treo6ureA ob said V.i,P.lage and otheA obb.ieens are autho&i.zed <br /> to deposit such bunds ob said Village with said An.Pi.ngton <br /> Heights Fedenat Savings and Loan Association. <br /> Section 2. It .is buhtheA resolved that unfit bumthur <br /> Re6oluti.ons ob the P)tes.i.dent and Board ob Trusteeh ob the <br /> V.iUage ob Elk Gnove V.i,Clage any bunds ob said Vittage <br /> deposited to said Anti.ngton Heights Federal Savings and Loan <br /> Association be subject to w.ithdtawat upon the request ob the <br /> Vittage ob Elk Gnove Village beaming any two s.ignaturu ob <br /> the obbte.iaA ob said Vittage: Vd.Uage Ares.ident, <br /> ViU-age Clehk, ViUage ManageA, V.i .Page TneasureA. <br />