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RESOLUTION NO. <br />A RESOLUTION PROVIDING FOR OVERTIME COMPENSATION FOR <br />EMPLOYEES ENGAGED IN FIRE PROTECTION OR LAW ENFORCEMENT <br />ACTIVITIES <br />NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the President and Board of Trustees of the <br />Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of Cook and DuPage: <br />Section 1: That sub -section B, Section 7, Article 4, The Pay Plan, of the <br />personnel rules of Elk Grove Village, adopted by Resolution No. 71-65, as <br />amended by Resolution No. 84-68, be and is hereby amended to read as <br />follows: <br />Effective January 1, 1975, the following overtime policy shall <br />be in force for uniformed personnel engaged in Fire Protection <br />or Law Enforcement activities as defined in the Fair Labor <br />Standards Act of 1938, as amended in 1974, 29 CFR, Part 533. <br />1. All uniformed personnel will be paid straight time for <br />court attendance, training, roll call briefing, etc. <br />2. Overtime be paid at the rate of time and one-half to <br />Police Officers and Firefighters when their workday exceeds <br />their stipulated tour of duty. <br />j�-)) <br />3. Regular full-time Firefighters, when off duty and answering <br />a fire call will be paid amine=#tf their regular <br />hourly rate. <br />4. When the needs of the Fire and Police Department are such <br />that personnel must work additional days and/or hours because <br />of inadequate manpower available which is brought about by <br />sickness and/or personal absence, vacation time and any and <br />all other circumstances considered to fall within this category <br />by the Chief of the Department and Village Manager, time will <br />be paid for as follows: <br />(a) 24 hours or more notice at straight time. <br />(b) Less than 24 hours notice at time and one-half <br />5. All hours worked (as defined in the Fair Labor Standards <br />Act of 1938, as amended in 1974) including hours worked in <br />the above situations will be compensated for at time and one- <br />half when said hours worked exceed 181 hours in the established <br />work period of 21 days. <br />6. Uniformed personnel designated by the Village Manager as <br />Executive and/or Administrative (as defined in the Fair Labor <br />Standards Act of 1938, as amended in 1974) are specifi,ally <br />exempt and excluded from overtime pay compensation. Exempt <br />personnel include Fire Chief, Fire Captain, Fire Lieutenant; <br />Police Chief, Police Lieutenant, Police Sergeant. <br />