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RESOLUTION NO. 12-73 <br />A RESOLUTION EXPRESSING OUR SYMPATHY TO THE FAMILY OF SIDNEY KATZ <br />WHEREAS, The President and Board of Trustees of the Village of Elk <br />Grove Village and the Members of the Board of Directors of the Elk Grove <br />Community Services, hereby wish to extend their sincerest sympathies to <br />you at this time, as you mourn the death of your husband and father, and <br />WHEREAS, we here in Elk Grove Village also mourn the death of this <br />able and inspired man who made an Impression, through his real efforts on <br />behalf of this community, that will always be with us and will have an <br />impact on our future, as well as our present, and <br />WHEREAS, Especially, Sidney Katz, who gave much valuable counsel to <br />early leaders of Elk Grove Villageā€ž made a mark on this community as Chair- <br />man of the Youth Committee which studied and planned, and helped to establish <br />Community Service, a government sponsored social service and mental health <br />agency tailor-made to the needs of this growing and developing Village. This <br />agency has grown and developed far beyond the earliest expectations, and <br />WHEREAS, this all came about in large measure by Sidney Katz's determin- <br />ation and ability to indicate to the leaders of local government of a growing <br />need for such service to be established. We want you to know of this debt <br />that we all owe to Sidney Katz. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that this resolution shall be in full <br />force and effect from and after its passage and approval according to law. <br />PASSED this 27th day of February , 1973. <br />APPROVED this 27th day of February , 1973. <br />Chairwoman', Community Services Board iIIage P sides <br />