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Resolution No. 14-73 <br />STATE OF ILLINOIS <br />RESOLUTION FOR MAINTIENANtE OF STREETS AND HIGNWAYS BY <br />MUNICIPALITY UNDER THE ILLINOIS HIGHWAY CODE <br />BE IT RESOLVED, by the— President and Board of Trustees _,of the <br />(Cometh or President and Board of Trusteas) <br />Village Elk Grove Village <br />Illinois, that there is hereby <br />(City, Toum or Village) (Name) <br />appropriated the sum of $__J-84, 7y�, IIa—_____of Motor Fuel Tax funds for the purpose of maintaining <br />streets and highways under the applicable provisions of the Illinois highway Code, from ,January 1, 19..73_ <br />to December 31, 19 73 . <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that only those streets, highways, and operations as listed and described <br />on the approved Municipal Estimate of Maintenance Costs, including supplemental or revised estimates ap- <br />proved in connection with this resolution, are eligible for maintenance with Motor Fuel Tax funds during the <br />period as specified above. <br />BE IT FURTIIER RESOLVED, that the Cleric shall, as soon as practicable after the close of the period <br />as given above, submit to the Department of Public Works and Buildings, Division of Highways, on forms <br />furnished by said Department, a certified statement allowing expenditures from and balances remaining in <br />the account(s) for this period; and, <br />BE IT FURTIIER RESOLVED, that the Clerk shall immediately transmit two certified copies of this <br />resolution to the district office of the Department of Public Works and Buildings, Division of Highways, at <br />Illinois. <br />APPROVED <br />19— <br />Dept. of Public Works and Buildings <br />Division of highways <br />District Hrgineer <br />Mr. Richard A. McGrenera <br />I, mss <br />MLS. (CSty, ToFn or Village) <br />Clerk in and for the Village of Elk Grove Village <br />(City, Torte or Village) <br />of , County of CDDk _, <br />hereby certify the foregoing to be a true, perfect and complete <br />copy of a resolution adopted by the President and Board <br />OY Trustees (Coume)1 or President and Board of Tmsteu) <br />at a meeting on February 27, is 73 <br />IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand <br />and seal this 27th day of Februa <br />A.D. 19-1-3. <br />(SEAL) <br />Richard A. McGrenera <br />Village <br />_— (City, Tow. or <br />(5015:r5Lf M1-88)185-1 Form BLB 361 (Bev. 3.68) <br />