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Resolution Mo. 30--i, <br />STATE 0 ' ILLYNOli Construction <br />��gg �-.s ry, �-.,ex.. ••,<'a,� M F C rtys ,yx,r] )'i^` Il t. •• <br />PA •j { A '41' <br />l5.knFimn > G 6¢.z a 'asv r.Y r + t:';. ✓ �� GL l�1'u iuu�t"a.�.I Y <br />BE IT RESOLVED, by of the <br />Council o: 1':.:JJcnt m.d Ecard cf 'Pmn[cn <br />Illinois <br />City, Town, or Vi111,e <br />that the following described slreet(s) he improved trader the Illinois Mi hway Cote: <br />Name of Thoroughfare <br />Si: ect er <br />.:ct: to <br />From <br />To <br />ElmhurstP,d. <br />S.A. 13 <br />Traffic S_ignals_@ Pratt <br />Blvd. <br />_ <br />Elmhurst Rd. <br />S.A. 13 <br />Traffic Signals 0 Greenleaf <br />Ave. <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, <br />1. That the proposed improvement consist ofTraffic signal construction-, design engineerin , <br />9, — <br />material testing, and construction supervision__ <br />wide <br />and shall be designated as Section —C.S. <br />2. That there is hereby appropriated the sum of__ Forty-Ei ght Thousand and Flo/100 ----------------- <br />-- --- <br />-------------------------------------- ------_Dollars ($ 48,000.00 <br />for the <br />improvement of said section from the municipality's allotment of Motor Fuel Tax funds. <br />3. That said work shall be clone by Contract� ; and, <br />(Sped[y Contmet or Day Labnr) <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Clerk is hereby directed to transmit two certified copies of this resolution to <br />the district office of the Department of Public Works and Buildings, Division of Highways. <br />19_. <br />Dept. of 1',tb)'c Work, e.nd iii <br />DlvWon of lilghwaya <br />Platrtct 6ngin"r <br />Mrs. <br />Village --- <br />(City, Town, or Vdlage) <br />inandforthe—_ Village_ _oL Elk Grove Village <br />(City, Town, or Village) <br />County of Cook _, hereby certify the foregoing <br />to be a true, peilect and complete copy of a resolution adopted by the <br />President and Board of Trusteesat a meeting on <br />(Covndl or Pr (dent and Uoard of Trustee,) <br />March 27, 19 73 <br />IN TESTIMONY WIIEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this <br />27th _-dctyoLMa r c e A.D. 19__73. <br />(SEAL) — <br />(CI:Y, Town, Vlilage) <br />for(41.R 411 <br />(Nor. 3.nS) <br />