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RESOLUTION NO, �D -73 <br />A RESOLUTION CANVASSING THE REGULAR ELECTION <br />OF VILLAGE OFFICIALS MELD APRIL 17, 1973 <br />AND DECLARING THE RESULTS THEREOF <br />WHEREAS, a regular election was held in and for the Village <br />of Elk Grove Village, Counties; of Cook and DuPage „ Illinois on <br />Tuesday, April 17, 1973, for the purpose of electing a Village <br />President (4 -year term), three Village Trustees (each for a 4 -year <br />term), one Village Trustee (for a 2 -year term), a Village Clerk <br />(for a 4 -year term), and two Library Directors (each for a 6 -year <br />term); and <br />WHEREAS, the President and Board of Trustees conducted a <br />canvass by examining the official tally sheets and returns of the <br />various judges in the various precincts as to the votes cast at <br />said election and are ready to report; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the President and Board of <br />Trustees of the Village of Elk: Grove Village, Cook and DuPage <br />Counties, Illinois, as follow;: <br />Section 1: That said election was duly held as provided <br />by law. <br />Section 2: That votes were cast for the office <br />of Village Trustee (4 year texml in the following manner: <br />Nancy L. <br />Vanderweel <br />2 3 G <br />f1 Melvin M. <br />Bytner <br />JJ George T. <br />Spees <br />2 o3% _ <br />Kevin E. <br />McCarthy <br />yff'i� <br />Theodore <br />J. ;taddler <br />Section 3: That 11�i �_q r? votes were cast for the office <br />of Village Trustee (2 year term) in the following manner: <br />Michael Tosto GS� <br />James R. Gibson 5�» <br />Alvin Krasaow <br />-1- <br />