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RESOLUTION NO. 4I-73 <br />RESOLUTION URGING PRESERVATION OF THE ARLINGTON HEIGHTS <br />ARidY AIR DEFENSE SITE (NIKE BASE) <br />WHEREAS, the Village of Elk Grove Village is a neighboring <br />municipality of and sympathetic wi:_h the open space concern of the <br />Village of ArIingtcn Heights, and <br />WHEREAS, the urban population of the United States as a whole <br />increased 55% between 1950 and 1970, and more than 70% of the United <br />States population new lives in urban areas and it is predicted that by <br />1980, ki01 of the total population will be living in urban communities, <br />and <br />WHEREAS, there is an Urgent need for open space land in the <br />Village of Arlington Heichts and its environs to assure a decent living <br />environm_2nt, to Provide for adequate parks and recreation areas and the <br />growing leisure ti:e of area rr.sidents, and to curb suburban sprawl and <br />Prevent the sprear´┐Ż of urban blight and deterioration, and <br />WHEREAS, the Congress of the United States and various agencies <br />of the United States Goverrimcrit have recognized the very pressing need of <br />preserving open space land and have adopted measures to aid and assist <br />eammunitles in obtaining acreage fcr recreation purposes, and <br />WHEREAS, the only open space lend in the Arlington Heights <br />Park District substantial in nature (11:0 acres) is the Arlington Heights <br />Army Air Defense Situ (Nike Case) in Arlington Heights, Illinois, and <br />owned by the, United States Government, and <br />WHEREAS, 100 acres of the Arlington Heights Army Air Defense <br />Site (Hike Base) has been declared surplus property for use as an air <br />defen,e, site and the Arlington Heights Park District has for the past <br />several years had a policy of acquiring said surplus properties for <br />parks .and recreation whenever the some have been made available, and <br />WHEREAS, the United States Navy has now indicated intention <br />of building homes for personnel whose duties are performed in Glenview, <br />Illinois, some 12 miles away from Arlington Heights, Illinois, and <br />WHEREAS, there are substaitial tracts of land which are now <br />federally owned which are located closer to the Glenview Naval Air <br />Station than the Arlington Heights Nike Base, and thus would be more <br />useful as housing sites than the Arlington Heights Army Air Defense <br />Site (Nike Base), and <br />WHEREAS, there are yet other large tracts of undeveloped land <br />located closer to the Glenview Naval Air Station than the Arlington <br />Heights Nike Ba<:e, which while not awned by the United States Government, <br />would be available for minimal compensation, while not being detrimental <br />to cxistirg communities, and <br />WHEREAS, the proposed use of said surplus property for housing <br />will destroy one of the last remaining natural resources in the Village <br />of Arlington Heights, will cause congestion and overcrowding, is dia- <br />metrically oppo:,;,d to the United States Government's own open space land <br />programs, and defeats the development of the area for recreation purposes. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the President and Board <br />of Trustees of the Village of Elk Grove Village that vie support the <br />request made by the Village of Arlington Heights th-:f all governmental <br />agencies concerned with the opcn-sp,:c.e. program or tho United StaLes <br />Government I>e strongly urged to ma'. :e l.nown to the Lepartment of Defense <br />the Urgcnt nf,,d for the surplus properties known as the Arlington Heights <br />Army Air Defense site (Nike [;, as recreation area. and that the United <br />States Seemtory of Defense bo requested to reconsido_r- the decision to <br />take over the property far a liousirl, Project. <br />