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RESOLUTION NO. 43-73 <br />WOOD DALE - ELK GROVE VILLAGE AGREEMENT, JURISDICTIONAL COMMON BOUNDARY <br />LINE AGREEMENT <br />WHEREAS, the Villaqe of Elk Grove Village and the City of Wood Dale, <br />by their respective governing bodies, have agreed in principal concerning <br />the unincorporated territory lying between the two Municipalities, with <br />respect t�, future development, annexation, construction of public works, <br />and the like, and <br />WHEREAS, with respect to this agreement the boundaries of Elk Grove <br />Village are entirely North of the center line of Devon Avenue in Cook County, <br />Illinois, and <br />WHEREAS, Wood Dale has its Northerly boundary at varying distances <br />South of the center line of Devon Avenue all in DuPage County, Illinois, and <br />WHEREAS, the unincorporated territory referred to in this agreement, <br />lying between the two municipalities, is confined on the East with certain <br />exceptions, by Route 83 and confined on the West by Salt Creek. <br />WHEREAS, the center line of Devon Avenue is the County line dividing <br />Cook County to the North and DuPage County to the South, divides two grade <br />school districts, two high school districts, portions of two fire districts, <br />two library districts, and otherwise is a natural boundary line in the develop- <br />ment of community interests, shopping areas, and churches, and <br />WHEREAS, both municipalities desire to provide for orderly and planned <br />growth and development and the installation and providing of municipal services <br />and facilities by each within the respective corporate limits and the unincor- <br />porated territory surrounding each municipality, and <br />WHEREAS, each municipality believes it to be to its best interest sing- <br />ularly and collectively to enter into this agreement whereby each can project <br />and plan to attain the objectives both desire. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual benefits, commitments, <br />promises and forebearances, the parties agree: <br />1. That the center lige of Devon Avenue east of the center line of Salt <br />Creek and east to a point lying approximately 650-1 feet east of Wood Dale Road, <br />thence south to the north line of Thorndale Avenue and thence east for a dis- <br />tance of 582 + feet, thence south to the south right-of-way line of Thorndale <br />Avenue and then easterly to the present easterly limits of the Village of Elk <br />Grove is hereby established as the boundary line of jurisdiction of the res- <br />pective municipalities who are party to this agreement subject to the conditions <br />hereof and it is intended to operate pur—jant to the provisions of Chapter 24, <br />Section 11-12-9 of the Illinois Revised Statutes (1971 Edition). <br />2. That neitler municipality shall cross said line with respect to annex- <br />ation, subdivision, public works, development or similar endeavor involving <br />the respective municipalities or requiring the approval and consent of either <br />without first notifying the other and without first having a joint meeting of <br />the corporate authorities of ooth municipalities on the subject matter involved. <br />Said joint meeting shall be conducted with the spirit and intent with which <br />this agreement is entered into and the objective it intends to accomplish. <br />3• That the City of Wood Dale agrees to the future extension of "Pan Am <br />Boulevard" approximately 650+ feet to intersect with Wood Dale Road on an east - <br />west alignment with the placement of Pan Am Boulevard in the Elk Grove Industrial <br />Par)<. The City of Wood Dale further agrees to cause said extension to be designed <br />and constructed at not less than that to be required for Pan Am Boulevard in Elk <br />Grove Village or in accordance with the Subdivision No, 416 of the City of Wood <br />Dale, whichever is the higher standard. <br />