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i <br />RESOLUTIOA h0. 44-73 <br />RESOLUTICT OF APF20VAL OF PLAT OF SUBDIVTSICT IDEITIFIED AS TRITON <br />INDUSTRIAL PARK UNIT NO. 3 <br />S:O;d, ii'�i'�,'rC3F, EB IT ri 1OLVD by the President and Board of Trustees of the <br />Village of h1h Grove Village, Counties of Cook and DuPage, State of Illinois: <br />Section 1. ,hat arrrcval is here'cr given the final plat of subdivision <br />identified as Triton Industrial Park Unit No. 3 <br />being a subdivision in Seetici?) �7 , Township 41 <br />Korth, _range 1.1, East of the Third Principal !Nridian in Cook <br />County, Illinois, a copy of which is attached hereto 2nd made a <br />part hereof as if fully set forth. <br />Section 2. That the Village President and Village Clerk are hereby <br />authorized to sign said plat for and in the name of the Village <br />and attach thereto the corporate seal. <br />Section 3. That this resolution shall be in full force and effect from <br />and after its passage and approval according to law. <br />PASSED this 8th day of May , 197 1 <br />APPROVED this 8th day of May , 1973. <br />i <br />13'esi�ient � j <br />4 <br />Attest: <br />r4V <br />