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I <br /> RESOLUrIC11 110. 58-73 <br /> RI SOLUTIO_' OF APPI%OVAL OF FLAT OF SUBDIVCSION IDMI IM IS CENTEX <br /> 1NDJsTRIA PARR UNIT No, 179 __ ^___ <br /> Ill; IT :.-'SOIJ _D by the FTesident and F.oard of Trustees cf the <br /> village c_ 10 Grow L%ilJ.,_ e, Cou_' ies ^g , S' t <br /> o Cco.c and :�iF. e ..awe of Illiroi^ <br /> Section 1. _,_at approval R baroby LI-an the `_r.'). Nlat of subdivision <br /> Mcntifica as Centex Industrial Park Unit No. 179 <br /> bain„ a subdivision in Section(a) 27 , Township 41 <br /> Ro.rth, Range 13 , Fast of the Third :',incipal 1_criuian in Cook <br /> County, Ill_nois, o copy of uh__ch is attached hereto and made a <br /> part hereof as if folly set forth. <br /> Section 2 . That the VillatX President and Villaon Clerk are hereby <br /> authorized to HEn :.aid plat for and in the name of the Village <br /> and attachthereto the corlora'tc seal. <br /> Section 3. .that this resolution shall be in full force and effect ro;a <br /> and after its passage and approv;l according to la::. <br /> FI!St ,D this __ 12th _--cay of June 1973. <br /> AFPhuV_'.D tbis _12th dad. of _ June 1973• <br /> \. �:fr �./ � ✓krv'�//.,Tye <br /> fl+ <br /> ,[1'Qs1CHP� <br /> Attest: <br />