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KESOLUTiGii I10. (� ,J <br /> A RESOLUTION; CON17NDINC FRANK LEVIS <br /> WHEREAS, thn Village of Elk Grove VI I laos wishes to express its <br /> appreciction to Frznk Lcals for his contribution to the hrowth of the, <br /> Village:: of Elk Wrove Willapa , and <br /> MUM , FrnKNin has Kon UMQu Manngcr of Centex Construction <br /> Company in Elk Grow - Villaw for a period of seventacn (17) years and during <br /> this Me hps ppirod thn rcsp?ct of Lilo conmunity for his friendliness and <br /> spirit of coop2rnhon, and <br /> WHEREAS , lrErk Lewis is leaving the Village to return to Dallas , Texas , <br /> we want him to Ecce:, he curries the well wishes of the residents of Elk Grove <br /> Vi I I age , <br /> NOW, THEREME , IDE IT RESOLVED by the President and Board of Trustees <br /> of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of Cook and DuPaga, State of <br /> Illinois: <br /> Section 1 . That on behalf of the Village of Elk Grove Village, we hereby <br /> extend to Fronk Lewis our sincerest wishes for his continued success and good <br /> heMh in the future. <br /> Section 2 , That this ro5olution shall be in full force and effect frol) <br /> and uf�nv its Possago and approval according to 1;W , <br /> PASSED 1his 12thJcy of ._.__—June 1973 . <br /> APPROVED this 12thday ol June 1973 . <br /> V <br /> Al rEST: V 4 1 1 01 P r, <br />