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RESUOTIDA M). <br /> CLYDE SQIYi — <br /> WHEREAS , the Village of Elk Grove Village wishes to express its <br /> appreciation to Clyde Smith for his c3ntribution to the growth of the <br /> Milago UF Elk &=, village , and <br /> VNIANS , C170 bwM has Una Pridect Superintcrdent of Construction <br /> for Qnzyx 0"n.jaw ion C 3Ak- in Elk Grove VilUrn for a porlod of seven- <br /> teen (Q) yvars o& Our! ; UK tics Ks coined the respect of the community <br /> for his irishMinaFs End spirit of ration, enc' <br /> MUM , Clycc Smith is lenviry the VillFga to return to Dallas , Texas, <br /> we want him to knDw he comes the ..ell wishes of the residents of Elk Grove <br /> Vi I ILgo . <br /> 1100, TPEREFORE , aE IT FESELVED by the President and Board of Trustees <br /> of the ViKaSs of Elk Grove MIESe, Counties of Co, ! and QuPagL , State of <br /> I I inois: <br /> S�fction 1 . Thtz on behalf of 0e Village of Elk Grove Village , we hereby <br /> extend to Clyde Smith our sincerest wishes for his continued success and good <br /> health in the future. <br /> Section 2. That this resolution shall be in full force and effect from <br /> and aftur its pDsq&gE; and approval according to ley. <br /> PASSED this 12th_,day of June 1973 . <br /> APPROVED this 12th t;a y of June <br /> 1973 - <br /> ATTEST: vilingi rylac <br /> e, <br />