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IiESOlU;IO?7 P,O, 70-73 <br /> _ I <br /> RE,SOLUTIO_; OF Id'P:' VAL OF PL,;P CP SUBDIVISICiI L^3L 1-FI D AS ELK GROVE <br /> INDUSTRIAL PARK UNIT NO. 7 <br /> I:OW, T11J,;= I'0RE, rp, 1T IR SOI«:D ty the Fresidcnt and Board of Trustees of the <br /> Vi.11a,7,e of r7f (,rove VillaLe, Cct.nties of Cook and 11)uPFge, State of Illinois: <br /> Section 1. iliat a-rprovol is ix-:reby ,iv n the final .plat of subdivision <br /> i.dentif`ed as Elk Grove Industrial Park Unit No. 7 <br /> being a s-obdivi.sicn in Section(,-) 3 , To..r_shio 40 <br /> Korth, ^ante 11, East of th.e -_bird princi::al ,.:eridi._n in DuPage <br /> County, Illinois, a copy of which is attached hereto and made a <br /> part hereof as if flzlly set forth. <br /> Section 2. That the Villace President and Village Cler?; are hereby <br /> authorised to siCn said plat for and in the narae of the Vi11age <br /> and attach thereto the corrorate seal, <br /> Section 3. That this resolution shall be in full force and effect from <br /> and after its passage and anproval according to law. <br /> PASSED this 3rd day of July , 1973, <br /> APPi?OV,D finis 3rd da,; of July , 1973. <br /> to esiac.� L <br /> Attest: ! <br /> x <br /> Vil1a(;e cicxk <br /> i <br /> i <br />