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RESOLUTION NO. 81 -73 <br /> A RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF SENATE 31LL NO. 1769 AND HOUSE BILL NO. 7681 <br /> REGARDING FIRE PROTECTION AND CONTROL <br /> WHEREAS, the National Commission on Fire Prevention has submitted <br /> to President Nixon a final report , after a two year study, entitled <br /> "America Burning", and <br /> WHEREAS, this report is by far the most important and significant <br /> report concerned with fire protection to ever come about, and <br /> WHEREAS , the fire prevention and control act bill of 1973 has as <br /> its purpose "to establish a United States fire administration and a <br /> national fire academy in the Department of Housing and Urban Development , <br /> to assist state and local governments in reducing the incidence of death, <br /> personal injury and property damage frons fire, to increase the effective- <br /> ness and coordination of fire protection and controi agencies at all levels <br /> of governments, and for other purposes." <br /> NOW, THEREFORE , BE IT RESOLVED by the President and Board of Trustees <br /> of the Village of Elk Grove Village., Counties of Cook and DuPage, State of <br /> Illinois, recognizing the importance of fire protection and control , do <br /> hereby urge Senator Charles Percy and Senator Adlai E . Stevenson , lll to <br /> support Senate Bill No. 1769 and Representative Philip Crane to support <br /> House Bill No-7681 . <br /> Section 1 . That this resolution st._'. l be in full force and effect from <br /> and after its passage and approval according to law. <br /> PASSED and APPROVED this 24th _day of _ JulY 1973. <br /> Village �resicieyft <br /> v <br /> ATTEST: <br /> � � iViIIago Cl,rk <br />