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RESOLUTION NO. 92-73 <br /> A RESOLUTION CALLING UPON GOVERNOR WALKER, MAYOR DALEY, HOUSE SPEAKER <br /> BLAIR, SENATE PRESIDENT HARRIS, SENATOR PARTEE, REPRESENTATIVES SHEA <br /> AND CHOATE, TO WORK OUT THEIR DISAGREEMENTS AND ACT IMMEDIATELY IN <br /> ORDER THAT THE SIX NORTHEASTERN COUNTIES OF COOK, LAKE , MC HENRY, KANE , <br /> WILL AND DU PAGE MAY HAVE A REGIONAL TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY <br /> WHEREAS, the lack of concrete action by the Illinois State Legislature <br /> towards creating a Regional Transportation Authority has brought about a <br /> crisis situation for mass transportation in the six Northeastern counties of <br /> Cook, Lake, McHenry, Kane, Will and DuPage; and <br /> WHEREAS, there is an impending threat of immediate cutbacks in bus and <br /> rapid transit service throughout the six counties area, all premised on well <br /> documented applications from the affected transportation companies for finan- <br /> cial relief ranging from reduction of services and increased fares to complete <br /> abandonment of operations; and <br /> WHEREAS, these imminent calamities point out the necessity to promptly <br /> establish a Regional Transportation Authority to insure the future existence <br /> of adequate mass transportation in the area; and <br /> WHEREAS, sound and comprehensive transportation legislation was introduced <br /> in the last session of the State Legislature, as embodied in House Bill 1958, which <br /> provided for a Regional Transportation Authority which could incorporate all of <br /> the existing commuter lines into one system, provide adequate workable control <br /> and planning features, improve services to and from all six counties, reduce <br /> automobile traffic and pollution, minimize urban sprawl and the ever expanding <br /> expressway development, and provide lower rate structures and better interconnect- <br /> Ing services between the various commuter lines; and <br /> WHEREAS, the hope of achieving a workable mass rapid transit sys+-m in <br /> Northeastern Illinois rests on the enactment into law of such a Regional Trans- <br /> portation Authority, but unfortunately neither that bill nor any other of like <br /> quality and purpose, was passed out of the House due to political maneuvering <br /> concerning methods of control and financing; and <br /> WHEREAS, there are seven people; who have the power and ability to solve <br /> the problems of creating an efficient and financially stable mass rapid <br /> transportation system in Northeastern Illinois and insuring that these same <br /> problems do not occur again and they are: Governor Daniel Walker, Mayor Richard <br /> J. Daley, House Speaker W. Robert Blair, Senate President William C. Harris, <br /> Senator Cecil A. Partee and Representatives Gerald W.Shea and Clyde Choate . <br />