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Resolution 126-73 <br />A Resolution Establishing the Water Connection Charge to be Paid as a Condition of <br />Annexation by Certain Properties Lying East of Busse Road, South and West of the <br />Northwest Tollroad and ?forth of Landineier Road <br />WHEREAS the orderly development of a portion of the Village of Elk Grove Village <br />could Lest be served by the extension of a water supply line by the <br />Village under a planned financing and recapture program, and <br />WHEREAS on February 2, 1970, the President and Board of Trustees authorized the <br />implementation of a construction program to install a twelve -inch (12") <br />water transmission and supply main along the east side of Busse Road <br />between Landmeier Road and a point 210 feet south of Oakton Street, <br />thence east to the easterly side of Higgins Road, thence to a point <br />400 feet north of Oakton Street and along the easterly side of Higgins <br />Road to a point approximately 1,600' south of Oakton Street, and <br />_WHEREAS the foregoing water transmission and supply line will serve and benefit <br />the following parcels of property: <br />REAL ESTATE TAX NU111BER ACREAGE <br />08-26-300-002 <br />21.75 <br />08-26-300-001 <br />17.00 <br />08-26-100-006 <br />17.2 <br />08-26-100-007 <br />25.2 <br />08-26-100-008 <br />9.0001 <br />08-26-100-009 <br />5.0001 <br />08-26-700-004 <br />.4061 <br />03-26-100-010 <br />.59 <br />08-2.3-300-015 <br />3.322 <br />08-23-300-010 <br />.63 <br />08-26-101-004 <br />1.275 <br />08-26-101-007 <br />.763 <br />08-26-101-008 <br />2.854 <br />08-26-101-009 <br />2.415 <br />08-26-102-002 <br />1.00 <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE TT RESOLVED that the <br />as a condition of annexation, aay to the <br />$1,300.00 per gross acre a; its prorata <br />transmission and supply line. <br />above mentioned parcels of property shall <br />Village of Ellc Grove Village the sum of <br />share of the heretofore mentioned water <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED 'hat a copy of this Resolution be mailed to the last <br />known property Lax payer of each parcel above mentioned. <br />PASSED this 13"-h day of November 1973 <br />APPROVED this 13th � day of � November 1973 <br />AlTFSlr <br />