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�, <br />W <br />RESOLUTIO." 1:0.,� <br />r .T r7r'�r.T ;G 'I'IIL•: VIIF �.CI� PP.3.:SI:DI'::T <br />n � ��,� o ,t; . l.ol At .� , � .� . �: 1 <br />nTID VILL7\M-- CLA'111; TO SiGiv AiQ TO `I'iIL <br />M&EXATION AGREEMA I -;TERED I' ---.TO I?.1 CON,'INEC`.i IO`I <br />j•val?. T11i: SHELL .. ROJ EC7. O. 1'11T- <br />WALLACE BUSS:', JUNE 23, 1970. <br />N0,11'71 BE 1T RESOLVED, by the President and Board <br />of Trustees of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of <br />Cook and IJu1 _ei Illinois, as follows. <br />Section ? : That the M J_aga President be and is hereto <br />autho& _:d to sign the attacher dcc'_"monts marked "Ameniment to <br />Annexation A<gicement",a copy of which is attached hereto and IC!ade <br />a part hereof, as if fully set forth, and the Village Clark is <br />c-luthori.Tcd to attest said doc;:i:nnt upon the signature of the <br />Village' President. <br />Section 2: That this rosolotion shall be in full force <br />and effect from and after its passage and approval, according to <br />PASSM <br />this <br />250 day of A ri 1 <br />1972. <br />APPROV.,D <br />this <br />25th day <br />of Apri 1 <br />1972. <br />Village P";clsi&t- <br />_ <br />Village P";clsi&t- <br />