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RI�,SOLL1TIOlz 1.0. 41 -•72 <br />1MSC1LUT10;1 OF A*tPI' ,OVAT, OF 1111i 07 _UBDIVT.SIC1: 1:D_i,1, IF:IED AS HIGGINS <br />INDUSTRIAL PARK UNIT N0. 85 <br />r,T i rr?�': T ;:'c SIi j i 1 Trus C t..P <br />10I , .P'L;1�.IC_,.`;, T;;, TT �OT�• a y _ _e 1re.> idcnc, and Boar; of Trustee, h <br />Villau of E11�. Grove Vill-a-e, Count:iEs of Cool: and ih1P �;e, Statof :Mirois: <br />bcc.,tion 1. That is her_ ebh Eivcp the final plat of subJ:ivi :::i on <br />identified as Higgins Industrial Park Unit No. 85 <br />being, <br />a subdivls= i un .in 11ec-t,ios) <br />27 <br />, To-�:nshi l., <br />41 <br />PAS: rD this <br />-Orth, <br />:-,a11IrZe ll, last of tlic T1i I r d <br />1)rind r'%:1 <br />::r --1n in <br />i dt, <br />Cook <br />coun`l,.Y, I11.iT1oiH, q copy of which is a tt-ached Hereto and mar—ic a <br />part hereof as :if :cu.11 r set :forth. <br />. Sect .on 2. Thai, tic Vi1.1aca ra-esid.Cnt sand vil .ale Clerk are hereby <br />authorized to siLn st:ici 1.1at fo:L and in the mune of the Vil_laLc <br />and at-i,ach `hcrcto the cor;;or^te seal. <br />vection 3. That this rc'solli"on chill be in u11 Iorce and Effect fro"n <br />and. u:�ter its <br />7=as�a:;�. <br />:nd ar,_;rovc.l <br />�.ccerdin; to la,.-. <br />PAS: rD this <br />23rd <br />da -y or <br />May <br />, 1972. <br />APPi 0"ED this <br />23 rd <br />d<3Y of <br />May <br />, 1972. <br />Charles J. Zettek <br />President <br />Attest: <br />Richard A. McGrenera <br />