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P,E,-,01,1JTI011,' 1,o. 45-72 <br />IT CENTEX <br />R, 1,"�; () T,11-3 TI 0 j ' 01,' A!'!'�-'OVAL Ota' PTIAT OF SIUBIDIVI'IC" E7I <br />7LFI'--'j) AS <br />INDUSTRIAL PARK UNIT NO, 162 <br />T -'E IT by the llres-ir1entl and Board o' TrIlsteac of the <br />of 1,11r Crovc Villa -c, of Cool: and J)uPEL,r-c, State of I11inois: <br />U <br />Section 1. That cn-c-croval is 11-.tercby tlic final plat of subdivision <br />ident;-,ficd Lis Centex Industrial Park Unit No. 162 <br />s,,ib)di%,-1-sicnk in 'Ecction, TowmliJ-p 41 <br />C, <br />North,anise -1.1, Das - � t of' the '11-,,ird 11rinc.-*,.-a3. Teridi; n in Cook <br />i�, <br />Co un! y, T co, --,y of -1-s at'l-.achod. hereto and rl,,a6c a <br />if full;,r set fo:,_.Ljj. <br />part as <br />Section 2. That the W13 -a-(-, Vi'Lla.--e Clerl, arc hereby <br />au-1-j-,crizcd to sign said i--,.Iat for and in tlie mme of tl)i-2 <br />and attacl-i thereto tl-e seal. <br />Section 3. 211at t1li-, resolution cha-11 be -in fii.11 force and effect Iron <br />and a-L`L-,er its pacsafje and -1-.I-rov,-;l acCo-.,1din6 to la,,.,. <br />1 -'ASL")' -LD this 6th day of June 1972. <br />AFPF,0V--,D i-Iiis 6th —duy of June 1972 <br />Charles J. Zettek <br />11i c s i d e nt <br />Attest: <br />Richard A. McGrenera <br />I - <br />