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',,--solution No. 54-72 STATE OF ILLINATS Construction <br /> Z.Ql 1i I Z,�, J Q u 1. t, -:o W DY i A U NN i C I P B"' L i T Y <br /> L4 7 7.rn U- r - <br /> nr1w CO-- <br /> % <br /> BE IT RESOLVED, by the President and Board of Trustees --of the <br /> Council or Pre Mdent and Board of Trustees <br /> ViZ,Zaae EZk Grove Illinois <br /> City,Town.or Village <br /> that the described streets) be improved tinder the Illinois I_Tich%-vav Code: <br /> Arterial <br /> Nnrne of Thorou�htare Street or I From i To <br /> Route <br /> BE IT 1,URTj'.-1ZR kESOLVED, <br /> 1. That the proposed improvement consist of---sharing cost, with the Countook,— <br /> of installingiwo trait signals at the intersections of <br /> ArZinaton Heights Rd. and Oakton Street <br /> ArZinaton Heights Rd. and EZk Grove BouZevard <br /> construction et wide <br /> and shall be designated as Section—_ ____C.S. <br /> 2. That there is hereby -tl)T) oi)riated the sum of FORTY SIX THOUSAND. SEVEN HUNDRED <br /> for the <br /> of said suction from theniun;c`Pa`tv's at otment of Motor Fu(-.-.1 Tax funds. <br /> Cook County Highway Department <br /> 3. 71at sn.,*d wol"� be, done ------- and, <br /> (Specify Contract or Day Labor) <br /> -CD that �h <br /> I c Clerk c7cv directed to trpnsinft taco certified copies of this resolution to <br /> Division oi -iNs, through its District Engineer. <br /> Richard A. McGrenera vizZage <br /> Clerk <br /> (City.Town,or Viltace) <br /> Village EZk Grove ViNage <br /> in and for <br /> (City, <br /> i <br /> County of__,qq(2R_ & Du Page <br /> hereby certify the foregoing <br /> 19_ to be a true, perfct;,. an(I co,.npiul.c uupy of a resolution aJoptcd by the------. <br /> -F—r-e-s-ident-and-_-Bo-ard—of.-T-ruste e s --------- a inceting on <br /> (CL,U11CL:�r Presi-lent and Board of Trust".%) <br />